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Dear Chocolatier, thanks for taking the time for checking out my letter and for writing me a fic. I'm super easy to please and like fics of all ratings and genres so as long as you stay away from my DNW list, we're good. Also things like past tense, present tense, third person, and first person doesn't matter to me since I like it all.

My AO3 account is here and my Tumblr is here if you need them for whatever reason.

- happy endings
- cuddling and kissing
- neck touching
- hurt/comfort (physical and emotional)
- romance
- amnesia
- smut
- fluff
- slice-of-life
- bittersweet endings
- redemption
- angst

Do Not Wants:
- underage
- sad endings
- non-con/rape
- cheating
- high school/college AUs
- issue fics
- amputation
- character deaths
- drugs
- cancer/terminal illnesses
- permanent harm to characters

The Requests:

The Hobbit - All Media Types - Thorin Oakenshield/Thranduil

I'm pretty much okay with anything as long as it doesn't involve Thorin's death. I like all types of fics with them. It could be something from early on before Thranduil was refused the white gems but I'm also perfectly okay with fics that take place after BOTFA if it's an Everyone Lives/No One Dies AU. I'm also okay with modern AUs.

Thoughts: I just love these two together. Because I find that even though they have psychical differences (elf, tall, blond hair vs dwarf, short, dark hair), I find they've very similar. They both are alone and have this isolation to them that even the people closest to them can't always reach. I like to think that they'd be able to find a connection in each other that others wouldn't understand. I'd like something where they're just so much in love with each other.

- - -

Halt and Catch Fire - Joe MacMillan/Original Male Character, Joe MacMillan/Sara Wheeler, Simon Church/Joe MacMillan

Joe/Simon - I really liked Joe/Simon and really didn't think we saw enough of them. I'd like to see something about their time together in Europe. I think Joe really did love Simon a lot and it scared him (maybe it was his first serious relationship with a guy instead of one-night-stands). I just want something where they're happy together since we didn't get to see that in canon and only get the aftermath where it's years later and Simon is dying.

Joe/Sara - I'm interested in seeing more of Joe/Sara. Maybe something from their college days or how they reconnected between the two seasons. I'm also okay with something that takes place after S2 which brings them back together, like something happens that causes Sara to reach out to Joe. Because the way Joe was rubbing at his finger where his wedding ring use to be at the very end of S2 makes me thinks he still loves her but knowing Joe he won't do anything about it unless Sara makes the first move.

Joe/OMC - Joe needs more male love interests, it's one thing that's really missing from the show. What I'm thinking is after Sara and Cameron he's sworn off relationships but then this great guy comes into his life that Joe just can't ignore and get out of his head. While Joe doesn't want to, he ends up falling for the guy.

Thoughts: Joe's my favourite character in the series. I like both sides that we've seen from in the series, ruthless asshole and vulnerable teddy bear who just wants to do the right thing but constantly fails at it.

- - -

Robin Hood (BBC 2006) - Guy of Gisborne/Original Male Character, Guy of Gisborne/Marian of Knighton, Guy of Gisborne/Prince John

Guy/OMC - Guy needs someone to love. Marian chose Robin over him and both Prince John and the Sheriff are more interested in using him. I'd like Guy to meet a nice guy who confuses Guy over his feelings and makes Guy feel so loved it's both scary and the best feeling in the world.

Guy/Marian - I like fics where Marian doesn't die at the end of S2 and fics where there's a canon divergence and Guy chooses Marian over the Sheriff. Maybe Guy could get hurt somehow and Marian has to look after him, which forces Marian to acknowledge her feelings for Guy.

Guy/Prince John - I was so surprised to find that there's not more fic for them. It was clear to me that both the Sheriff and Guy thought Guy was going to be killed when sent to Prince John at the beginning of S3, but he didn't. Plus there's a scene later between Guy and John makes me think the reason why Guy survived was because John knew a pretty face when he saw one. So I'd like something where a confused Guy thinks he's going to die but John decides to fuck him instead (rating wise I'm okay with explicit, fade to black and even implied). It can be dub-con on Guy's part, especially if he's reluctant but John makes him feel so good.

Thoughts: I love Guy. I like how tormented he is at times over following the Sheriff or doing the right thing. Mostly he follows the Sheriff but I love it when he doesn't (like when he covers for Marian or decides to die with her instead when he could save himself).

- - -

Spooks | MI-5 - Lucas North/Original Male Character, Ros Myers & Lucas North, Oleg Darshavin/Lucas North

Lucas/Darshavin - I am 100% convinced these two had something physical going on between them while Lucas was imprisoned. It very much was likely dub-con on Lucas' part who probably would have craved affection from anyone at that point in time. Darshavin meanwhile I think really does love Lucas. I have two ideas I'd like to see. One is what exactly happened between them while Lucas was imprisoned or what happens afterwards when they meet up in S8. If afterwards, I see Darshavin trying to reconnect with Lucas because he still loves him while Lucas being less sure since he's now free but at the same time he finds himself missing Darshavin's touch.

Lucas & Ros - I'd like something with them bonding together. It could be during a mission where they find themselves cut off and on their own (maybe one of them gets hurt and the other has to take care of them) or just some downtime between them. Maybe it takes place shortly after Lucas' returns and Ros doesn't quite trust him yet so she's trying to determine if he's turned or not.

Lucas/OMC - Lucas needs someone to make him happy. His wife left humans remarried while he was in jail, his next girlfriend turned out to be a criminal and S9 never took place so no Maya. I just want him to meet a guy who loves him, is there for him when Lucas gets all banged up and bruised or when he has flashbacks to the torture he experienced in Russia. Maybe they go on nice dates together.

Thoughts: I love seeing Lucas suffer from the trauma he went through, that scene where he can't sleep because the bed is too soft was great, there wasn't enough of it in the show. But I also like it when he gets to be happy because he's suffered a lot.
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Dear Author, thank you in advance for writing me a story. I love all the fandoms and characters I've selected so don't stress out if it seems I prefer one thing over the other. I'm not the type to request something unless I really, really want it.

If you want to snoop around go ahead. You won't find much on my DW or my LJ these days, but my Tumblr is here, my Twitter is here and AO3 account is here. Most of my fandoms are too large for YT so don't worry if you go looking and find little on what we matched on.

I've given multiple prompts for each fandom, just pick whichever one you like the best. I have no preference, the prompts were just written in the order they came to my head. I realize some of these prompts might be similar to fics that already exists, it's not because I didn't like those fics but because I loved them, I'm greedy and I want more. Please feel free to alter or combine prompts. Or if you want, just ignore them and build a fic based off my likes and/or kink.

I'd love a fic in any of the fandoms. I like both gen and ship fics. I also like fics of all ratings. Third person, first person, past tense, present tense, it's all good to me. Just write whatever your strengths are.

General Likes:
- happy endings
- cuddling
- kissing
- action/adventure
- drama
- angst
- fluff
- hurt/comfort
- amnesia
- friendship
- established relationships

General Dislikes:
- underage sex
- non-con/rape
- a/b/o
- cheating
- sad endings
- reader insert, character/reader fics
- issue fics
- amputation
- character deaths
- drugs
- cancer/terminal illnesses

- neck touching/kissing
- post-coital cuddling
- biting (no blood)
- begging
- teasing
- bondage
- blindfolds
- frottage
- shower sex (or sex involving any type of water)
- mirror sex
- oral
- rimming (m/m only)
- barebacking
- riding
- vibrators

The Fandoms:

Halt and Catch Fire - Joe MacMillan

1. Something that dealt with Joe's childhood would be great. His screwed up mother, his long recovery in the hospital, the homophobia he faced at school, any of it would be interesting to read about.

2. I would love to see something about the time that Joe and Simon spent together in Europe. We know so little about that period but at the same time Simon has been compared to both Sara and Cameron by the showrunners in terms of how much he meant to Joe. I just want to know what happened between them.

3. Something post-Season 2 that is about Joe dealing with Gordon's "betrayal" to go work at Mutiny and his decision to go to California to start his own company. I want to see Joe rise from the low point of Sara dumping him to running his own multi-million dollar company. (Please no Joe/Gordon)

Thoughts: In terms of relationships I'm fine with Joe being with Simon, Sara and Cameron. Although if the story takes place post-S2 I really can't see Joe getting back together with Cameron anytime soon since he blames her for trying to ruin his life and for destroying his relationship with Sara.

Another thing is I'm not entirely sure that Joe is able to be completely happy. He certainly has moments of happiness and being content but it never lasts. So that's something you might want to keep in mind. Younger!Joe might have more freedom for happiness so do what feels right if you're going with those prompt options.

I think my favourite scene was the one from S2 where Joe and Cameron are at the hospital and Joe tells her about what happened to him at at school. I also really liked the good-bye scene between him and Simon in S1. The reason why I liked these scenes is because they showed how vulnerable Joe can be. Yeah, he's a dick and can do some pretty evil things at times but there is a goodness to him.

I also really enjoy Joe when he's being a psycho. Burning the computers at the end of S1, the end of S2 where he uses the virus just to show his anti-virus works. I definitely think that Joe's company unleashes viruses online just to provide the way to fix it.

- - -

Strike Back - John Porter

(I don't ship Porter with anyone so I'm just looking for gen.)

1. Porter was not in a good place before the time skip. I want to see his fall, how he ended up that way. Losing his family, not being able to find work, drinking problems, etc. I want to see him be a wreck and then there's this light of hope at the end as he watches the report of Katie's kidnapping on TV.

2. Mission fic. Something happens and Porter needs to be sent in undercover to deal with it. Use whatever situation you want. It is always fun when he gets captured though but just don't hurt him too badly.

3. This might sound bad but sometimes when looking at pics of Porter I can't tell if it's him or Lucas North from Spooks. It created ideas in my head of John and Lucas being twins. Maybe they had a falling out when they were younger and no longer get along but something happens to reunite them. Or maybe there was no falling out but their lives simply went different ways until a random encounter. Obviously ignore this prompt if you've never seen Spooks and if you have feel free to ignore S9. (Also, no incest)

Thoughts: I really love it when a character has to build themselves back up after reaching their lowest point. That's why I like Porter so much. He was at the top of his game and then one wrong thing made everything crash down around him. I want to see his angst.

But I also like seeing him afterwards when he was able to put his life back together. That's why I'm also interested in mission fics because it's Porter doing what he does best. He goes into a situation by himself and takes care of things. If you go the mission fic route, Porter should be successful. Things going wrong is okay but Porter shouldn't reach the level of angst that he was at after the beginning of the prologue in the first episode.

Prompt 3 is just a crazy idea. Definitely feel free to ignore it but by all means tackle that challenge if you're up for it. I know Richard Armitage has said the two wouldn't get along. You can play off that idea or not. I just would like to see Lucas and John interacting.

- - -

Black Sails - Captain Flint, Thomas Hamilton, Eleanor Guthrie, Charles Vane

(You do not have to use everyone. I want Flint/Hamilton or Eleanor/Vane.)

1. Some pre-canon James/Thomas. Like maybe their first time together or when James realizes that he has feelings for Thomas.

2. Something like Vane returns to Nassau after a trip at sea. He goes visits Eleanor who at first is angry with him for whatever reason but she soon realizes that Vane has been hiding an injury that he didn't want anyone to know about because it would make him appear weak. Eleanor ends up nursing him back to health. (The prompt I've chosen for them is pre-canon but if you want to change things and make it take place at some point during the canon go ahead).

3. A fic where while raiding a ship, Flint finds Thomas as a passenger. As thoughts cross Flint's mind of them running away together he discovers one huge problem, Thomas doesn't remember him and has only heard stories of the notorious pirate (whether it's real or he's faking it is up to you).

Thoughts: I'll start with Flint and Thomas. Flint from the first episode was my favourite character. I knew right away he wasn't a normal pirate, he was smarter than the other pirates and he had a goal that was more than just getting rich. Finding out that goal involved wanting to do everything for Thomas' memories just hit me with a lot of feelings. Flint really had to love Thomas since he's still not over Thomas's death even thought it's been years. I'm honestly not sure if Flint will ever be able to move on from Thomas even though I would like to see him get a new boyfriend in S3.

As for Thomas, I loved how confident and sure of himself he was. He seemed so comfortable with his feelings for Flint while Flint seemed so unsure unsure at the beginning of their relationship. Thomas wasn't worried they would get caught while Flint was.

As for Vane and Eleanor. I'll admit I was unsure of this pairing in S1. They spent most of the season fighting and I don't blame Eleanor at all for being pissed with Vane. But then S2 happened. Especially that part where Vane kills Ned Lowe after threatening Eleanor. I loved that part and I looked at the pairing in a new light. They are a screwed up couple but I'm still rooting for them because despite everything that has happened between them I really do think they still love each other. Their hate and love run so deep that it's impossible for it to just go away.

- - -

Killjoys - Dutch

1. A Dutch/Delle Seyah fic. They're my favourite pairing from the show even if it is complicated due to Dutch's hatred of Delle Seyah. Maybe they get trapped somewhere and have to work together. Or Delle Seyah blackmails Dutch into working for her again. They get trapped in some sort of fuck or die situation is also good.

2. I'd like to see something that details with Dutch's past. What it was like for her growing up, training to be a killer, her eventual escape and becoming a Killjoy. Her being sent on a mission is also good.

3. The story of how Dutch and John met. We know that John was a ship thief and that Dutch pulled her gun on him, but what else? What made these two from that incident team up and become best friends? I'm also okay with a fic where they're just hanging out being friends. (no Dutch/Johnny)

Thoughts: I don't ship Dutch/Johnny at all. I like their relationship as brother/sister so if you decide to write about them please keep things platonic. I just really love their canon relationship. It warms my heart every time Johnny refers to Dutch as his sister. I really liked the scene between them where they're lying on the bed together and Johnny is reading her a comic. I also liked the fact that John knows all about Dutch's past with Khlyen. When I first watched the show I was so worried she was keeping that from him but nope it was eventually revealed he already knew and it made me so happy.

The pairing I do ship is Dutch/Delle Seyah. I'm completely fine with dub-con salutations between them. I am also okay with Dutch eventually realizing she has feelings for Delle Seyah (and hating herself for it because I don't think Dutch would accept those feelings easily). What I don't want is non-con/rape.

I'm also interested in reading more about Dutch's past. Basically anything. Dutch is my favourite character and I just want more everything with her because I don't want to wait until next year when the show returns.

- - -

North and South - John Thornton, Margaret Hale

1. Something pre-canon that involves Thornton. It could be about his father's suicide or afterwards as he starts the mill. Margaret obviously is not required if you decide to go with this prompt.

2. Anything from Thornton's POV that takes place within the canon's timeline. It could be his thoughts about the strike, Margaret getting hurt, seeing Margaret at night with whom he thinks is her secret lover, his thoughts upon seeing her at the train station at the end, something involving his mother or his sister, etc. I really don't care what moment it is, I just want to read about what's going on inside his head. Margaret is also not required for this prompt.

3. Post-Canon fic. It could be about Margaret and John's return together to Milton and the reaction people have to seeing them together again. It could be about their wedding or restarting the mill, kidfic, I'm really not picky.

Thoughts: I really loved Thornton but I felt like there wasn't enough of him since the story is told largely from Margaret's POV. My favourite scenes were the "Look back at me" scene when Margaret is leaving Milton and the train station scene from the end.

I also really liked Margaret so unless you go with the pre-canon option (or don't think she would work with prompt #2) I would like to see her included somehow. Please however don't feel like you need to shy away from the pre-canon option though due to the lack of Margaret because I really would like reading more about Thornton's past and he is my favourite character.

The reason why I like Thornton is because while he can be serious and at times there's a coldness about him there is also kindness and intelligence. I feel there's only a few people he shows his truth self too. His mother being one of those people (I really loved it whenever we saw him and his mother interacting together) and the other, Margaret.

I'm also a sucker for post-canon fics between the two. Something sugary and sweet. I know they had their issues getting together but I feel the worst is behind them. They just seemed so much in love at the train station I feel they could take on the world as long as they have each other.

- - -

Gotham - Barbara Kean, Tabitha Galavan

1. I would love something of them working together in a crime. Maybe they're taking turns torturing someone (like that little bit we saw with the mayor). Or them committing a crime together, like Barbara is the distraction while Tabitha assassinates someone.

2. An AU. They can be good or evil, but I'd prefer not a high school AU since I'd like them to be their proper ages. Maybe Barbara is a businesswoman who gets kidnapped an Tabitha either is hired to rescue her or she's the kidnapper and they end up falling for each other anyway. Or they're thieves trying to steal something. Don't feel like you need to restrict yourself to modern settings. Fantasy, space opera, vampires, pirates, film noir, angels/demons, it's all good. You have the freedom to be creative.

3. A hurt/comfort fic where one of them gets injured and the other has to take care of her (it doesn't matter who get hurts and who does the comforting).

Thoughts: I fell for these two even before I knew they were going to be canon.

With Barbara, she went from being my least favourite character on the show to one of my favourites. I really loved it in S1 when she went crazy and evil and I was really happy when S2 started and saw we were going to get more of it. I was just really bored by her before and now I get the impression that the actress is really having fun in the role which I find always makes a better character. She's crazy but she also knows how to manipulate people and I like that.

As for Tabitha, I've always really loved female assassins. Tabitha just seems like such a badass, plus she's really hot, I'm captivated whenever she shows up on the screen. I also like how Theo described her as strong but vulnerable. She seemed not happy/jealous when she saw Barbara flirting with her brother so I'm thinking she fell hard for Barbara or Theo has a habit of stealing her girlfriends.

Because Gotham is currently ongoing I don't know how things will turn out for them. If things go bad between them please just ignore it. I want a fic of them happy together.

I also want the focus to be on just them. No threesomes with Theo or Barbara/Theo. Theo can be in the fic (he's growing on me) but I just want Barbara/Tabitha in terms of romance.
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Dear Author:

Thank you for writing a fic for me. I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever we matched on. I love all the fandoms and characters that I've requested. I'm good on any type of rating. Slash, femslash, het and gent is all fine with me. One thing I do require though is a happy ending.

If my prompts get jossed in the upcoming weeks, don't worry about it. Just work with things the best you can.

Here are some other Likes/Dislikes:

- happy endings
- fluff
- romance
- drama
- humour
- action/adventure

- underage sex
- a/b/o
- cheating
- sad endings
- issuefic


1. Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora, Angela

Either femslash or gen is fine. I just really love Gamora and Angela interacting together. It could be a mission that they're on alone together or maybe they just want to have some down time together (like Gamora showing Angela things of the galaxy).

I'm also okay if you just want to do something romantic or smutty between them.


2. Thor - Thor

There's two things I would like to see. One is Thor being a badass and taking on some villains who under estimate her.

The other is Thor meeting some of the other superheros (doesn't matter who) and having them react to her. Do they immediately accept her because Thor Odinson did? Or do they want to see how she handles herself in action first?

I don't ship Thor with anyone so I'm mainly looking for a gen fic. I would however be fine with Thor/Thor Odinson.


3. The Wolverines - Daken, X-23

I love the whole family thing between Daken and Laura. Laura is one of the few people who Daken actually likes and Laura feels attached to Daken too now since he's the only family she has left.

I just want something gen between them. It could be something before the arm and eye thing where Laura is trying to talk to him about losing his healing factor or it could be from afterwards where Daken has to learn how to adjust or it could even be about what's going through Laura's head as she wondering if Daken is going to live or not.


4. Black Widow - Natasha, Bucky

I loved the issue from the current comic where Bucky and Natasha were reunited. Some of Natasha's cryptic words make me thing that she really does remember Bucky but for whatever reason has chosen to keep it to herself.

I'd like to see something where they meet up again. Maybe Natasha is on a mission and comes across Bucky who needs rescuing. I'd be fine with Natasha just rescuing Bucky but it would be great if she admitted she knows their past and they end up back together. Or a fic without the mission would be great too where Natasha ends up confronting Bucky, they work out their issues and they get back together.

Gen is fine too.


5. Uncanny Avengers - Rogue, Scarlet Witch

You don't need to use both characters if you don't want too. If you do want to use both I'd like to see a fic where they're working together on a mission or a fic that deals with their relationship (femslash or gen is fine).

If you only want to use Wanda, a fic that deals with the fallout of AXIS would be great with either Wanda angsting over going evil due to the inversion or something that looks at her feelings about Magneto not being her father.

For only Rogue, I'd like to see something that deals with the Wonder Man situation or something where she feels torn between her loyalties to the X-Men and Avengers.


6. Angela: Asgard's Assassin - Angela

I would really love something where Angela gets to know Thor or Loki. It could be spending time with them or fighting them. Maybe teaming up for a mission of some sort.

Another idea is Angela spending time with Sera. I want to know more about their relationship. I don't ship them so I'd just want gen (unless they become canon between now and the due date).

Or in general Angela simply beating up people is good.
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Dear Author, thank you in advance for writing me a story. I love all the fandoms and characters I've selected so don't stress out and try to figure out my favourites.

If you want to snoop around go ahead. Unfortunately you won't find much on my DW or my LJ these days. My AO3 account is here and my main Tumblr is here. If we matched on the Authority, I apologize as it's a general Marvel blog. I do have a secondary Tumblr here but I don't use it as much.

I've given multiple prompts for each fandom, just pick whichever one you like the best. I have no preference. I'd love a fic in any of the fandoms. I like both gen and shippy fics. And fics of all ratings.

- happy endings
- action/adventure
- drama
- fluff
- humour

- underage sex
- a/b/o
- cheating
- sad endings
- issuefic

The Fandoms:

Guardians of the Galaxy (Comics) - Gamora, Angela

1. Something where Gamora and Angela kick ass together would be great. Maybe they're taking down slavers. Or working together as bounty hunters for extra cash. Angela/Gamora or gen is fine here.

2. A shippy fic that's mainly fluffly or romantic. Maybe they're training together and that leads to kisses and/or something more. Or they could be out shopping somewhere (Knowhere?), buying weapons together and it eventually becomes a date.

3. Something where Angela is depressed because she was disowned by the Angels and want nothing to do with Asgard. She feels alone in the universe. Gamora notices that something is wrong with Angela and decides to cheer her up the only way Gamora knows how (beating things up and drinking).

Thoughts: I seriously love these two. Both as friends and as a pairing. I just find they mesh really well together. I love women warriors so I was hooked on both Angela and Gamora right from the beginning. The way they battled each other and then came the snark from Angela after she was captured by the Guardians.

It's hard to say what my favourite moment is between them. I really liked it when they teamed up to take on the slavers. I also loved it when Angela saved Gamora from the Badoon. And of course there was the marriage proposal from Gamora (even if it was a joke).

I simply love the idea of Angela and Gamora having adventures together during their time away from the Guardians. They really are my favourite thing about GotG.

- - -

The Authority - Midnighter, Apollo, Jenny Quantum

1. I would love family fic between them. Especially if it's during the period where Jenny is a teenage. Basically I want Midnighter and Apollo attempting to have family time with Jenny and Jenny is being a typical teenager. It would be cool if during this family time trouble happens since trouble has a way of following the Authority around.

2. The series ended with Jenny still missing and we're never going to find out what happened. I'm of the firm belief that Jenny isn't dead and that she's just gone somewhere. I'd like a fic that deals with what happened to Jenny, her return and is reunited with her parents.

3. For whatever reason Midnighter and Apollo decides that Jenny needs a "normal" life. Unless the world is about to end, that means going to school. Jenny naturally isn't pleased but her fathers are firm. The results are what you'd expect (disastrous) and in the end things go back the way they were.

Thoughts: I admit I originally read the Authority for shallow reasons. I was in a period of seriously lacking some gay superheroes and I had heard about Midnighter and Apollo. I ended up completely falling in love with the series. I ended up consuming the entire thing in a few days and then went back and read Ellis' run on Stormwatch.

I love how Midnighter is such a badass but has a completely different side to him when it comes to Apollo and Jenny. He really loves them a lot. He's an asshole and a dick but he still has a softer side to him.

For Apollo I like it better when he's written not as a complete idiot. Ellis and Brubaker I thought did the best job with him. Some of the other writers went too far into that complete idiot direction. In particular I loved how Apollo acts when Jenny when Brubaker was writing the series.

Jenny I simply love. I think it's hilarious they way she smokes and swears without caring what her parents think. She certainly takes after her parents. One of my favourite parts was when the Authority got back together after she grew up. Everyone is arguing and she just stands up on the table and is like shut the fuck up, we're the fucking Authority and it's time Bendix remembers that.

If you want to, you can also work in the other Authority members because I basically love everyone in the series.

- - -

Secret Avengers - Bobbi Morse

1. My biggest question is what happened to Bobbi at the end of Secret Avengers? She just goes off with Bucky and Daisy but then what? Bucky and Daisy are in the new Winter Soldier series but what happened to Bobbi? Is she still on vacation? Is she trying to live a normal life? Is she on the verge of a breakdown after what AIM put her though? I want to know.

2. Shipping wise, I mainly ship Bobbi with Natasha. So something with the two of them together would be great. Maybe Bobbi is just trying to be alone after what happened to her in Secret Avengers and Natasha ends up tracking her down. Or anything that is cute and fluffy between them which takes place at some point during the series would be great too.

3. Some sort of mission fic that involves just Bobbi or Bobbi and Natasha. I just want Bobbi (or Bobbi and Natasha) kicking ass. It should be some mission where at the end Bobbi needs her memory changed but that whole creepy memory changing side to SHIELD is one thing I liked about the series and am sad that it didn't continue with the current run.

Thoughts: I've missed Bobbi so much since Spencer's run on Secret Avengers ended. She was put through crap in that series and I was so worried they were going to kill her again.

One thing I like about Bobbi is her desire to be a hero. Even if she's "retired" (which seems to be the case at the end of SA) I don't think she'd be away long. Her need to help people is too strong.

If you write post-canon I would love it if Bobbi is still bitter at what SHIELD/Maria Hill did to her (their creepy brain-wiping thing, the fact they left Bobbi behind on AIM island).

It would be great if you could include Natasha in there somewhere since she was under during nominations (but unfortunately over for the review process). It's definitely not a requirement though.

- - -

Inhuman (Comics) - Medusa

In general, I'd love something with Medusa ruling as queen. Some ideas are:

1. The Unspoken escapes from his cell and begins causing problems again. It's up to Medusa to stop him before he takes his revenge upon the Nuhumans. Basically I want something that shows Medusa being the badass she is.

2. Something where Medusa has to struggle with the political issues of running a country. I doubt that all Americans are happy that Attilan is now located right off the coast of NYC.

3. Medusa helping some of the Nuhumans adjust to their powers or to their new life on Attilan. I love Medusa's interactions with some of the Nuhumans. Something that expands upon it would be great.

Thoughts: Medusa's my favourite thing about the Inhuman comics. She's so awesome. I loved how she easily took out Lash who until that point was being built up as such a big threat.

But I also like reading about Medusa being a leader to the Inhumans. She's responsible for holding their entire civilization together. Plus there's the tasks of finding new Inhumans and making sure they are taking care of.

I prefer Medusa to not be paired with anyone who isn't Black Bolt.

- - -

Dark Wolverine (Comics) - Daken

1. How did Daken survive the explosion at the end of the series? His healing factor wasn't working but next time we saw him he was alive and well. Did blowing up kick in his healing abilities? Did someone else resurrect him who Daken then screwed over because that's what he does?

2. I'd love something where Daken and X-23 team up together to take on some villains that are even worst than Daken himself. You can use either an established villain or create your own.

3. A fic that deals with what it was like for Daken when he was younger. It could be from when he was a child being raised by his adoptive parents. Or it could be from when Romulus was training him to be a killer. Or even about work he was doing for Romulus that takes place before he revealed himself to Wolverine.

Thoughts: I love Daken, he's such a bastard. I don't really ship Daken with anyone so I'm mainly looking for gen fic involving him. I'm totally okay though if in the fic Daken uses sex to manipulate or use someone because that's what he does. I would before men in this situation.

If you chose to include X-23, I'd love it if you remember that she's one of the few characters he seems to care about. Even in the recently released Logan's Legacy he's kind to her.

- - -

X-Force (Comics) - Psylocke, Cluster

1. A fic that tells us what happened to Cluster. I know the plan was for the three Fantomexs to merge back together but what if that never happened? The reason I'm suspicious is because the Fantomex that currently appears in X-Force is nothing like the Fantomex that is in Wolverine and the X-Men. What if X-Force's Fantomex is the evil one that was in Uncanny X-Force? If that's the case Cluster should be alive somewhere.

2. Through a series of one-night stands, Psylocke had tried to get over Cluster. When Cluster comes back into her life Psylocke tries ignoring her, the wound is still too fresh on Betsy's heart. Gradually though Psylocke realizes that she still loves Cluster and after a near death experience on Cluster's part, Betsy is ready to admit that

3. If you want to write about the current X-Force series, I'd love a fic where Psylocke learns about the Alexandria incident and why she signed up to help Cable. Cluster's not necessary for this prompt. I'm just really curious as to what led to Psylocke joining. We know why Marrow and Dr. Nemesis did. And more about Fantomex seems like it will be revealed in the story but that's not necessarily true for Psylocke.

Thoughts: I've read every X-Force series since Betsy joined the team so I'm good with whatever version of the series you want to write about. I'm not fond of the Psylocke/Angel pairing so I'd like that to be avoided. I'd prefer if the fic took place after Betsy and Angel broke up.

I also really love Cluster and am disappointed she hasn't been seen since her last appearance in Uncanny X-Force. The later covers for that run of the series all had Cluster on them so I kept waiting and expecting for her to return and officially join the team. I was so let down when that never happened.
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Dear Author,

Thank you in advance for writing me a fic. I like fics of all ratings. Whether you want to write a trick or a treat it doesn't matter to me. Write what makes you the most comfortable.

I love all the fandoms I've requested so don't worry of the fandom we matched on.


I love abandoned places. Some ideas are: amusement park, circus, insane asylum, cruise ship, temple/ancient ruins, tanker ship, space ship, and zoo.

I also like monsters. Seemingly unstoppable forces where sometimes it's better to run than try and kill.

Ghost and hauntings would also make me happy.


For the treat option you can give me just about anything that's cute and fluffy. I love humour so that's always okay.

Do No Wants

The main thing I don't want to see is a sad ending if you choose the horror option. I want the heroes to escape or kill whatever is tormenting them. Basically no death fics.

The Fandoms

1. Marvel 616 - Angela, Gamora, Bucky Barnes, Natasha Romanova.

Trick - For Angela and/or Gamora I'm thinking of them finding an abandoned world or space ship/station. For Natasha and/or Bucky I'm thinking they get sent to investigate some creepy place.

Treat - For Angela and Gamora I'm find with them sparring together or just talking. For Natasha and/or Bucky a date between them would be nice or just hanging out with some of their other friends.

I ship both Angela/Gamora and Bucky/Natasha but I'm totally okay if you just want to write gen. If you decide to write Bucky/Nat, either before or after the mindwipe is okay with me.

- - -

2. MCU - Natasha Romanoff, Bucky Barnes

Trick - I have a couple of ideas for the trick choice.

1) There's an abandon place which both a brainwashed Bucky and Natasha are trapped in and this cat and mouse game is going on between them as Natasha is trying to escape.

2) A post-canon Bucky has been hiding out in an abandoned place. Natasha tracks him down and the two end up working together because they realize they're not alone.

Treat - I would love Natasha tracking down Bucky and simply helping him. Either helping him regain his memories or just helping him move on with his life. I figure Natasha's one of the view people who could understand what it was like for Bucky.

If you want to write just Natasha or just Bucky that's fine too. You can rework the prompt to make it work.

- - -

3. Monkey Island - Elaine Marley, Guybrush Threepwood, LeChuck

Trick - Something where LeChuck does something to screw with Guybrush. I picture LeChuck creeping through someplace dark in an attempt to scare the shit out of Guybush.

Treat - Something fluffy, funny and romantic between Elaine and Guybrush. Maybe Guybrush is trying to surprise Elaine and it either goes well or is disastrous.

You don't have to use LeChuck for the Treat option. I specifically only selected him for the horror one.

- - -

4. Kingdom Hearts - Axel, Roxas, Xion

Trick - Something where Axel, Roxas and/or Xion have to go on a mission somewhere. It's supposed to be an easy mission but of course things go wrong. They get separated or maybe the villains are harder than expected or the villains are something they've never seen before.

Treat - Something where the three of them hang out and eat ice cream would be great. Something where they can have fun together. Something where they can forget for just a little bit that they don't have a heart.

Just using one or all the characters is fine.

- - -

5. Uncharted - Elena Fisher, Nathan Drake, Victor Sullivan

Trick - Something where they explore some abandon place looking for treasure. Of course they end up encountering some sort of monster and end up having to shoot their way to freedom.

Treat - Some Nate/Elena fluff. I always found them to be one of the cutest couples. It can be their wedding or just relaxing together after some crazy adventure.

It can take place between any game you want. Sully doesn't have to be in the treat option.

- - -

6. X-Men Comics - Psylocke, Storm, X-23, Rogue, Magik

Treat - Maybe they get suck in a haunted house in Murderworld.

Treat - Girls night out. I just want some of the characters hanging out together or just chilling by themselves relaxing during a down time.

It doesn't matter to me what character you use or how many. I love them all.

- - -

7. Guardians of the Galaxy - Mantis, Cosmo

Trick - A murderer is on the loose in Knowhere and it's up to Mantis and Cosmo to stop him. They end up going deep into Knowhere where there's a lot of corridors and not many other people.

Treat - Mantis and Cosmo hanging out together drinking tea and making fun of Quill.

I don't really have anything to add, I just didn't want this fandom to be left out. Umm . . . I love Mantis and Cosmo?
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Dear Author,

Thank you in advance for writing me a fic.

I'm really easy to please. I like anything from G rated fics all the way up to NC-17. I love all the fandoms and pairings I selected so don't stress out about trying to figure out my OTP. I'm going to enjoy whatever you decide to write for me.

I like canon based fics as well as AUs. If you want to use any of the prompts under the Original Work section to write an AU fic, go ahead.

- happy endings
- action/adventure
- kissing
- women being badasses together
- drama
- fluff

- underage sex
- a/b/o
- cheating
- lies
- sad endings

The Fandoms

1. Marvel 616

I've fallen hard into comics over the past year. It's where my love of femslashing started from. There were just so many characters that I could ship together.

All of the women I selected are among my favourites so I'd be happy with any of the pairings.

Anegla/Gamora - I love how they're both snarky badasses. One thing that drew me to the pairing was that they started out trying to kill each other and then from there developed a deep friendship.

Natasha/Rogue - If you write them though please have it take place before the recent events of Uncanny Avengers where Rogue becomes untouchable again.

Kitty/Magik - I simply find them cute together and that's what I would like in a fic.

Bobbi/Natasha - The kiss from the Black Widow mini and Natasha calling Bobbi 'darling' in Secret Avengers really made my day. I can there being something between them.

Psylocke/Cluster - I always keep hoping Cluster will return. She was on the covers of that run of Uncanny X-Force right until the end of the series and she never had another appearance. It was so disappointing. Even now I hope that eventually a writer will continue their story.

Psylocke/Storm - I find them to be really close. I would love it if it was revealed they were together all along or a fic where they hooked up.

- - -

2. MCU

I love pairing the women together in the MCU. Even if they've never met in canon.

Gamora, Sif, Natasha, Peggy and Nova Prime are among my favourite characters in all of the MCU so I'd be happy with whatever pairing you decided to write.

Gamora/Sif - One thing that draws me to the pairing is that they're both warriors. I think they would get along really well for that reason.

Natasha/Sif - I think there would be a lot of mutual respect going on between them which would lead to something more. Sif would view Natasha as a warrior.

Peggy/Natasha - I find them to be really similar which is one of the reasons why I ship it. You have the freedom do what you want to make it work.

Nova Prime/OFC - I see them being an established relationship. The OFC should have her own career (doesn't matter what). I would prefer if she wasn't part of Nova Corps since I'm not a big fan of superiors being involved with their underlings.

- - -

3. X-Men (Movies)

From the first time I watched The Wolverine I got the impression that Mariko and Yukio loved each other. I knew it wouldn't happen but one point I really wanted them to start kissing.

I see Mariko relying on Yukio for her physical strength while Yukio needing Mariko for emotional support.

No fics where Yukio sees Mariko's death (unless it's about preventing her death and Mariko is alive at the end). I want something happy and cute between them.

- - -

4. Original Work

In all honesty, if it's an action/adventure story involving lesbians I'm going to love it. I don't favour one prompt over the other. I just like reading about women who are badasses and end up falling in love with each other.

Oh and for the prompts with pirates. The prompts were written with standard fantasy pirates in mind but I would be totally okay if you want to do something crazy and make them sky pirates who ride around on airships.
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Dear Author: Thank you for writing a fic for me. Don't worry about what we matched on because I love all the fandoms and characters I requested. I like fics of any ratings so don't worry about that either.

You can use the optional details as a guide or you can break away from them. I'm really not picky.

Marvel Comics - Bobbi Morse and Natasha Romanova
I love them both as a couple and as friendship so either one is fine. Certain canon events that stand out in my mind is when Natasha kissed Bobbi and most recently during Secret Avengers when Natasha called Bobbi 'darling'.

Marvel 616 - Carol Danvers
I love Carol so anything with her is good. I've really been loving her current solo as I'm a sucker for space adventures. I'm also good though if you want to base things off her previous solo.

The only thing I really ask if you keep things set during her Captain Marvel period and not Ms Marvel. It's just weird for me to think of her as Ms Marvel since she was already Captain Marvel when I began reading comics.

X-Men - Illyana Rasputin and Kitty Pryde
I find them to be adorably cute together. Like when Illyana went to hug Kitty who accidentally phased on her or Illyana's recent reaction when she returned to their base and found Kitty gone.

Captain America - Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff
My OTP. I would love to see some sort of backstory develop between them in the MCU. It can be similar to their comic backstory or something entirely different (like with the second prompt). If you have an idea you want to run with, go ahead. I basically just want them falling in love and being ripped apart.

Thor - Sif
Sif was the first character that I really loved in the MCU. I want more of her backstory. It's implied in the first movie that Sif had quite a challenge to be the warrior she ends up as. I want to see her go through her struggles.

If you use Thor I'm totally okay with them just being friends or having some sort of romantic relationship.
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Dear Author:

Thank you for writing a fic. I love all the pairings I signed up for so no worries on what you matched on or what you want to write. You can use my optional details or if you want to put your own spin on things go ahead. You can combine prompts. You can even take a prompt from one pairing and used it for another. I really am not picky.

You can probably tell from my prompts that I like action/adventure mixed with romance. Write whatever rating you want. If you want to keep things G-rated, that's fine. Also fine is if you want to include a sex scene somewhere. And anything in between is also fine.

One of the things I do like about AU stories is that characters keep certain traits they have in canon. Examples of this would be Bucky being brainwashed, Peggy being some sort of authority figure, Sif being a warrior, etc.

My prompts are pretty clear so I'm going to talk about why I like the pairings. (Well besides the fact I think all of them are hot, badasses).

Bucky/Natasha - I'll admit that I got hooked on them through the comics. I also like the little bit we get in the MCU though. I don't buy that Natasha told Steve everything because that would be extremely awkward ("The Winter Soldier just tried to kill Nick Fury, btw he's my ex"). I like the fact that they've both been on the wrong side of things and are now trying to make a difference (at least I'm assuming that's what Bucky will be doing). I think they simply get each other. Both of them know that sometimes shady things need to be done in the name of good.

Natasha/Sif - I think they would get along well. They would respect each others skills and would likely bond over the fact that they're both warriors who operate in worlds dominated by men. I see them bonding over beer (or mead).

Peggy/Natasha - This pairing interests me since they sort-of have similar roles (women working for SHIELD and being awesome at their jobs) but they're from two different eras (assuming Natasha's comic backstory never makes it into the MCU). I find them to have similar traits. They both have a take-charge, no bullshit attitude but they can also show a softness and you know they're not hardasses all the time. They both also don't have a problem with bending (or breaking) rules to get things done.

Sif/Peggy - I find this pairing to be a sort of a mix of Natasha/Sif and Peggy/Natasha. Peggy can certainly handle things on her own, which as a warrior, Sif would appreciate. But Peggy is usually in a role of authority which I think would surprise Sif (all her orders seem to come from Thor or Odin) but it would also be something she welcomes. I think Sif would respect Peggy and Peggy would appreciate Sif.
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Mar. 2nd, 2012 08:37 pm
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I decided to re-read Bleach. It really wasn't my intention to re-read the entire thing. I was only going to do the Soul Society arc but then I kind of kept going and when I caught up to the recent chapters I went back and read the pre-Soul Society chapters.

I did cheat a bit.

I skipped a lot of the fights in the Hueco Mundo arc. Especially once the fights with the Shinigami vs Aizen's group started. And I skipped all of Ichigo's training with with Xuction (mostly because it wasn't that long ago that those chapters happened). For the record, the Hueco Mundo arc is just as long and boring while quickly skipping them. I really don't know what Kubo was thinking during that arc.

What struck me the most however is how shippy the series is. I always knew it was a ship-happy series but there's so much more than I remember (or maybe it just seems that way, knowing who all the characters are now). It makes me wonder why the fandom is so damn wanky when it comes to shipping because there's so many options. If you randomly picked two names, you could probably find a scene that suggested subtext between those two characters. What's not to love about that?

Ichigo alone has a habit of picking up followers poor Chad has competition. There's Orihime, Ishida, Chad, Don Kanonji, Byakuya, Renji, Kenpachi, Ikkaku, Rukia, Grimmjow, Riruka and others that I've probably forgotten. Ivan is probably going to be newest addition to the Ichigo harem.

Poor Ichigo, he's like the one character who shows an interest in no one. His only love is fighting. Kon gets more action in Ichigo's body than Ichigo (Ichigo really needs to start bathing immediately after Kon uses his body).

It's hard to believe that in five short years this series is going to be over.
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So there's a new trailer out for the next Kingdom Heart game.

You know, despite it being a pairing I don't read a lot of fanfic of (and I don't think I've ever written them) or view fanart, I really, really love Axel/Roxas. I always loved their relationship and how Axel would do anything for Roxas. I firmly believe that Axel was in love with Roxas in canon (although Roxas never knew). It's the only way that explains some of Axel's actions.

That's why I loved this part of the trailer:

Roxas: You promised us, right? That no matter how many times we left, you'd always be there to bring us back.
Axel: Ah, yeah.
Roxas: Got it memorized?

So. Damn. Cute!

I loved Roxas using Axel's catchphrase!

The part I loved most from the trailer though was Spoilers )

I'm going to start a marathon of Birth by Sleep and Re:coded this weekend. I still need to get through both games and I might finally get around to The World Ends With You too.

I'm really excited for KH3D since it involves knew content staring Sora and Riku instead of retelling old stuff or a prequel involving new characters. Plus it looks like the story is finally going to start moving towards KHIII. KHII was released 6 years ago so it's going to be at least 7 years between KHII and KHIII. I'm starting to get really impatient.

It's hard to believe a simple 10 minute trailer reviewed my waning love for KH, but it did!

D.N. Angel

Feb. 6th, 2012 12:44 am
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When I started re-reading D.N. Angel I was under the impression that the series had ended. Apparently only Part 1 is finished and Part 2 hasn't even started yet.


I think my biggest surprised from the series is how much I ended up liking Risa. For most of the series, I could not understand what Dark saw in her. She was no where near as interesting as Riku and there was little to her character beyond being in love with Dark. But somewhere along the way she started doing more instead of blindly being in love with Dark. Her interaction with Argentine and her actions when she and Daisuke got stuck inside the mirror kind of made me like her more than Riku. I hope she gets more development in Part 2.

I have no idea where the story is headed but I hope it doesn't end with Dark disappearing. If you stop and think about it, his life sucks. I mean he can't exist until his latest host turns 14 and that host has to be male so if only female Niwas are born in that generation he has to wait until the next one (I question why Krad can have female hots but not Dark). And then he can only exist until his current host falls in love and has that love returned. The way things are going, Dark isn't going to even be around a year until he's gone again, waiting for Riku pops out some kids (and even then it has to be boys). Hopefully there's a way for both Dark and Daisuke to co-exist.
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I finished Saiyuki Reload Blast. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that there are any scanlations after 2010 even though the series is still unfinished and (AFAIK) not licensed. I don't know if the series is on hiatus or what. I figure I'll look for raws at some point but I simply hadn't had the time yet.

Saiyuki Reload was enjoyable but a lot of it felt like filler. It didn't seem like they advanced very far in their journey west. With Reload Blast it looked like things were getting back to the main storyline but then the scans cut off just when things were getting real interesting.

Re-reading Saiyuki however made me decide to re-read other series. I'm calling the process 'Retro Re-read', even though 'retro' is probably going to be the wrong word since these series aren't that old but I figure if a TV channel called Teletoon Retro can air King of the Hill (which I didn't even know had ended until a month ago), I can use the word here.

Right now I'm reading D.N. Angel. I watched the anime ages ago and read some of the manga at the time but I really can't remember much.
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I've been continuing my re-read of Saiyuki. I've breezed through the rest of the original and Saiyuki Gaiden and am currently on Saiyuki Reloaded.

Gaiden's ending was sad. You know it's going to happen though since Konzen, Tenpou and Kenren need to be reincarnated as Sanzo, Hakkai and Gojyo.

Whoever was in charge of their reincarnation needs to be fired since all three ended up with crappy lives until they met as adults. I could understand them ending up with crappy lives if they were being punished but by the end of Gaiden everyone knows that Konzen, Tenpou and Kenren were trying to stop Li Touten who was the real villain.

As for Reloaded I never read much of it before so I'm enjoying it. There's too much Hazel though and not enough Kougaiji. Kougaiji is far more entertaining as an non-evil antagonist who needs to oppose Sanzo's party for his own valid reasons. I am glad that he is no longer brainwashed.


Jan. 22nd, 2012 12:41 am
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I haven't read Saiyuki in years. I got fed up with slow updates and trying to keep up with both the main story and the prequel. So I decided to wait a bit until there was more that I could read and the series just eventually slipped through my mind.

I probably still wouldn't have thought about it, but it gets mentioned occasionally on an anon meme I visit, which brought the series to my attention again all these years later. Tonight I actually found time to start reading it since I was bored and wanted something "new" to read.

My opinion hasn't changed all these years later:

1. Sanzo is still a hot bastard. (I have a thing for hot, moody bastards.)

2. Gojyo and Hakkai are still fucking each other.

I'm not caught up yet to where I left off (some early part of Saiyuki Reloaded), so I don't have much to say besides that. Once I get through this first part of the series, I'm jumping to Saiyuki Gaiden since I always found it to be more interesting than the main storyline.

Video Games

Jan. 8th, 2012 04:04 pm
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I did defeat 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors a few days ago. I keep planning on making a post about it but it'll have to wait until later since I've been distracted by other games lately. It was a really fun game and I ended up getting all the endings (thanks to some cheating).

One of the games I've been playing is Assassin's Creed. It's a lot of fun. I love climbing buildings and have a tendency to get distracted doing just that instead of my missions. I have two small grips about it though.

1) I think it would have been better if the plot was a straight story about being an assassin during the Crusades instead of it really being present day and this company is accessing your ancestor's memories which are hidden inside you. I get whiny every time the game cuts back to the present day.

2) I wish it was one of those games where you can pick the gender of the character you play. Because the only thing more awesome than playing an assassin during the Crusades would be playing as a female assassin during the Crusades.

The other game I've been playing a lot of lately is Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded. And that game is so frustrating! The levels themselves are pretty easy and don't differ much from the other KH games. But the boss fights are so hard since the game play changes with every battle. Sometimes it's like an old school side scrolling game and other times it's like an old school RPG, and it is fun until you realize how hard the bosses are (mostly due to the fact you don't have access to all your special skills).

I'm trying to defeat Hades right now, but I don't see that happening anytime soon since I'm barely able to beat Cerberus. Hopefully the 3DS game reverts back to everything being smash as many buttons as possible.


Jan. 1st, 2012 10:53 am
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Happy New Years!

Since I don't like loud noises and large crowds my "party" was basically watching movies, eating pizza and other junk food. We finished the second movie about five minutes before midnight which was when we realized that we forgot to get the New Years hats and noise makers out. There was a mad dash out to the garage to find the box. We returned with a minute to spare.

2011 was a good year for fandom. CLAMP alone finished both xxxHolic and Kobato. They started Gate 7 and brought Gouhou Drug out of hiatus. They also did the anime Blood-C.

I also discovered Tiger & Bunny in 2011 which renewed my love for anime (for the past few years I've just been reading manga).

Some Fanish Goals for 2012:

1. Play the PS3 more. I've always found the PS3 a bit intimidating since it involves more than putting in the game and turning on the power. Plus some of my favourite series from the PS2 (mostly Kingdom Hearts and Persona) have never released games for it. But there are some games I want to try, even though some are the type I don't normally play.

2. Play the PSP more. There are games I own which I haven't played a lot of (KH: Birth By Sleep) and ones I haven't played at all (FF: Dissida). I want to change that.

3. Watch some more anime. There are a couple I want to check out so hopefully I'll get around to it.
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One of the games I received this Christmas was 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. So far it's probably the game I've been playing the most since it's one of those games where you can turn the sound off and not miss anything (voice acting and awesome music). At first I was a little 'blah' at it since there is so much talking but I thought it got a lot more interesting once you actually get to start investigating the ship you're trapped on.

I already got one of the bad endings. Spoilers ) So now I'm playing through again.

I'm finding things a lot better this time. Mainly because I can skip that big conversation period between the time when Junpei meets the other characters and when they start going through doors. That's the biggest part where I wanted to throw down the game and scream LET ME PLAY! during the first time through.

I find the story really interesting. Nine (mostly) strangers getting trapped together on a replica of the Titanic and forced to play a game where they have to work together but at the same time they know not everyone will be able to escape before the ship sinks. It reminds me of a manga called 'Doubt' where Internet friends decided to meet and end up trapped in a building with bar codes that they need to use to escape before they all die.

I'm going to keep playing until I get the good ending. I want to find out who Zero is since I'm pretty sure it's going to turn out that Zero is one of the characters who is playing the game with Junpei (I'm going to guess not Snake or Clover based on the one ending I already got).


Dec. 27th, 2011 07:09 pm
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I don't normally do recs for Yuletide. I read at a slow pace and I have a tendency to forget things easily so I would probably unintentionally forget a fic.

But I wanted to draw attention to two fics. They were the two fics I received this year and that's why they deserve special attention.

Under the Cut )
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