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Rekall ([personal profile] rekall) wrote2012-01-01 10:53 am


Happy New Years!

Since I don't like loud noises and large crowds my "party" was basically watching movies, eating pizza and other junk food. We finished the second movie about five minutes before midnight which was when we realized that we forgot to get the New Years hats and noise makers out. There was a mad dash out to the garage to find the box. We returned with a minute to spare.

2011 was a good year for fandom. CLAMP alone finished both xxxHolic and Kobato. They started Gate 7 and brought Gouhou Drug out of hiatus. They also did the anime Blood-C.

I also discovered Tiger & Bunny in 2011 which renewed my love for anime (for the past few years I've just been reading manga).

Some Fanish Goals for 2012:

1. Play the PS3 more. I've always found the PS3 a bit intimidating since it involves more than putting in the game and turning on the power. Plus some of my favourite series from the PS2 (mostly Kingdom Hearts and Persona) have never released games for it. But there are some games I want to try, even though some are the type I don't normally play.

2. Play the PSP more. There are games I own which I haven't played a lot of (KH: Birth By Sleep) and ones I haven't played at all (FF: Dissida). I want to change that.

3. Watch some more anime. There are a couple I want to check out so hopefully I'll get around to it.

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