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Rekall ([personal profile] rekall) wrote2012-01-22 12:41 am


I haven't read Saiyuki in years. I got fed up with slow updates and trying to keep up with both the main story and the prequel. So I decided to wait a bit until there was more that I could read and the series just eventually slipped through my mind.

I probably still wouldn't have thought about it, but it gets mentioned occasionally on an anon meme I visit, which brought the series to my attention again all these years later. Tonight I actually found time to start reading it since I was bored and wanted something "new" to read.

My opinion hasn't changed all these years later:

1. Sanzo is still a hot bastard. (I have a thing for hot, moody bastards.)

2. Gojyo and Hakkai are still fucking each other.

I'm not caught up yet to where I left off (some early part of Saiyuki Reloaded), so I don't have much to say besides that. Once I get through this first part of the series, I'm jumping to Saiyuki Gaiden since I always found it to be more interesting than the main storyline.

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