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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Author, thank you in advance for writing me a story. I love all the fandoms and characters I've selected so don't stress out and try to figure out my favourites.

If you want to snoop around go ahead. Unfortunately you won't find much on my DW or my LJ these days. My AO3 account is here and my main Tumblr is here. If we matched on the Authority, I apologize as it's a general Marvel blog. I do have a secondary Tumblr here but I don't use it as much.

I've given multiple prompts for each fandom, just pick whichever one you like the best. I have no preference. I'd love a fic in any of the fandoms. I like both gen and shippy fics. And fics of all ratings.

- happy endings
- action/adventure
- drama
- fluff
- humour

- underage sex
- a/b/o
- cheating
- sad endings
- issuefic

The Fandoms:

Guardians of the Galaxy (Comics) - Gamora, Angela

1. Something where Gamora and Angela kick ass together would be great. Maybe they're taking down slavers. Or working together as bounty hunters for extra cash. Angela/Gamora or gen is fine here.

2. A shippy fic that's mainly fluffly or romantic. Maybe they're training together and that leads to kisses and/or something more. Or they could be out shopping somewhere (Knowhere?), buying weapons together and it eventually becomes a date.

3. Something where Angela is depressed because she was disowned by the Angels and want nothing to do with Asgard. She feels alone in the universe. Gamora notices that something is wrong with Angela and decides to cheer her up the only way Gamora knows how (beating things up and drinking).

Thoughts: I seriously love these two. Both as friends and as a pairing. I just find they mesh really well together. I love women warriors so I was hooked on both Angela and Gamora right from the beginning. The way they battled each other and then came the snark from Angela after she was captured by the Guardians.

It's hard to say what my favourite moment is between them. I really liked it when they teamed up to take on the slavers. I also loved it when Angela saved Gamora from the Badoon. And of course there was the marriage proposal from Gamora (even if it was a joke).

I simply love the idea of Angela and Gamora having adventures together during their time away from the Guardians. They really are my favourite thing about GotG.

- - -

The Authority - Midnighter, Apollo, Jenny Quantum

1. I would love family fic between them. Especially if it's during the period where Jenny is a teenage. Basically I want Midnighter and Apollo attempting to have family time with Jenny and Jenny is being a typical teenager. It would be cool if during this family time trouble happens since trouble has a way of following the Authority around.

2. The series ended with Jenny still missing and we're never going to find out what happened. I'm of the firm belief that Jenny isn't dead and that she's just gone somewhere. I'd like a fic that deals with what happened to Jenny, her return and is reunited with her parents.

3. For whatever reason Midnighter and Apollo decides that Jenny needs a "normal" life. Unless the world is about to end, that means going to school. Jenny naturally isn't pleased but her fathers are firm. The results are what you'd expect (disastrous) and in the end things go back the way they were.

Thoughts: I admit I originally read the Authority for shallow reasons. I was in a period of seriously lacking some gay superheroes and I had heard about Midnighter and Apollo. I ended up completely falling in love with the series. I ended up consuming the entire thing in a few days and then went back and read Ellis' run on Stormwatch.

I love how Midnighter is such a badass but has a completely different side to him when it comes to Apollo and Jenny. He really loves them a lot. He's an asshole and a dick but he still has a softer side to him.

For Apollo I like it better when he's written not as a complete idiot. Ellis and Brubaker I thought did the best job with him. Some of the other writers went too far into that complete idiot direction. In particular I loved how Apollo acts when Jenny when Brubaker was writing the series.

Jenny I simply love. I think it's hilarious they way she smokes and swears without caring what her parents think. She certainly takes after her parents. One of my favourite parts was when the Authority got back together after she grew up. Everyone is arguing and she just stands up on the table and is like shut the fuck up, we're the fucking Authority and it's time Bendix remembers that.

If you want to, you can also work in the other Authority members because I basically love everyone in the series.

- - -

Secret Avengers - Bobbi Morse

1. My biggest question is what happened to Bobbi at the end of Secret Avengers? She just goes off with Bucky and Daisy but then what? Bucky and Daisy are in the new Winter Soldier series but what happened to Bobbi? Is she still on vacation? Is she trying to live a normal life? Is she on the verge of a breakdown after what AIM put her though? I want to know.

2. Shipping wise, I mainly ship Bobbi with Natasha. So something with the two of them together would be great. Maybe Bobbi is just trying to be alone after what happened to her in Secret Avengers and Natasha ends up tracking her down. Or anything that is cute and fluffy between them which takes place at some point during the series would be great too.

3. Some sort of mission fic that involves just Bobbi or Bobbi and Natasha. I just want Bobbi (or Bobbi and Natasha) kicking ass. It should be some mission where at the end Bobbi needs her memory changed but that whole creepy memory changing side to SHIELD is one thing I liked about the series and am sad that it didn't continue with the current run.

Thoughts: I've missed Bobbi so much since Spencer's run on Secret Avengers ended. She was put through crap in that series and I was so worried they were going to kill her again.

One thing I like about Bobbi is her desire to be a hero. Even if she's "retired" (which seems to be the case at the end of SA) I don't think she'd be away long. Her need to help people is too strong.

If you write post-canon I would love it if Bobbi is still bitter at what SHIELD/Maria Hill did to her (their creepy brain-wiping thing, the fact they left Bobbi behind on AIM island).

It would be great if you could include Natasha in there somewhere since she was under during nominations (but unfortunately over for the review process). It's definitely not a requirement though.

- - -

Inhuman (Comics) - Medusa

In general, I'd love something with Medusa ruling as queen. Some ideas are:

1. The Unspoken escapes from his cell and begins causing problems again. It's up to Medusa to stop him before he takes his revenge upon the Nuhumans. Basically I want something that shows Medusa being the badass she is.

2. Something where Medusa has to struggle with the political issues of running a country. I doubt that all Americans are happy that Attilan is now located right off the coast of NYC.

3. Medusa helping some of the Nuhumans adjust to their powers or to their new life on Attilan. I love Medusa's interactions with some of the Nuhumans. Something that expands upon it would be great.

Thoughts: Medusa's my favourite thing about the Inhuman comics. She's so awesome. I loved how she easily took out Lash who until that point was being built up as such a big threat.

But I also like reading about Medusa being a leader to the Inhumans. She's responsible for holding their entire civilization together. Plus there's the tasks of finding new Inhumans and making sure they are taking care of.

I prefer Medusa to not be paired with anyone who isn't Black Bolt.

- - -

Dark Wolverine (Comics) - Daken

1. How did Daken survive the explosion at the end of the series? His healing factor wasn't working but next time we saw him he was alive and well. Did blowing up kick in his healing abilities? Did someone else resurrect him who Daken then screwed over because that's what he does?

2. I'd love something where Daken and X-23 team up together to take on some villains that are even worst than Daken himself. You can use either an established villain or create your own.

3. A fic that deals with what it was like for Daken when he was younger. It could be from when he was a child being raised by his adoptive parents. Or it could be from when Romulus was training him to be a killer. Or even about work he was doing for Romulus that takes place before he revealed himself to Wolverine.

Thoughts: I love Daken, he's such a bastard. I don't really ship Daken with anyone so I'm mainly looking for gen fic involving him. I'm totally okay though if in the fic Daken uses sex to manipulate or use someone because that's what he does. I would before men in this situation.

If you chose to include X-23, I'd love it if you remember that she's one of the few characters he seems to care about. Even in the recently released Logan's Legacy he's kind to her.

- - -

X-Force (Comics) - Psylocke, Cluster

1. A fic that tells us what happened to Cluster. I know the plan was for the three Fantomexs to merge back together but what if that never happened? The reason I'm suspicious is because the Fantomex that currently appears in X-Force is nothing like the Fantomex that is in Wolverine and the X-Men. What if X-Force's Fantomex is the evil one that was in Uncanny X-Force? If that's the case Cluster should be alive somewhere.

2. Through a series of one-night stands, Psylocke had tried to get over Cluster. When Cluster comes back into her life Psylocke tries ignoring her, the wound is still too fresh on Betsy's heart. Gradually though Psylocke realizes that she still loves Cluster and after a near death experience on Cluster's part, Betsy is ready to admit that

3. If you want to write about the current X-Force series, I'd love a fic where Psylocke learns about the Alexandria incident and why she signed up to help Cable. Cluster's not necessary for this prompt. I'm just really curious as to what led to Psylocke joining. We know why Marrow and Dr. Nemesis did. And more about Fantomex seems like it will be revealed in the story but that's not necessarily true for Psylocke.

Thoughts: I've read every X-Force series since Betsy joined the team so I'm good with whatever version of the series you want to write about. I'm not fond of the Psylocke/Angel pairing so I'd like that to be avoided. I'd prefer if the fic took place after Betsy and Angel broke up.

I also really love Cluster and am disappointed she hasn't been seen since her last appearance in Uncanny X-Force. The later covers for that run of the series all had Cluster on them so I kept waiting and expecting for her to return and officially join the team. I was so let down when that never happened.

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