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Rekall ([personal profile] rekall) wrote2011-12-29 12:58 am

999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

One of the games I received this Christmas was 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors. So far it's probably the game I've been playing the most since it's one of those games where you can turn the sound off and not miss anything (voice acting and awesome music). At first I was a little 'blah' at it since there is so much talking but I thought it got a lot more interesting once you actually get to start investigating the ship you're trapped on.

I already got one of the bad endings. Clover went crazy and killed Seven, Santa and June while they were suppose to be investigating beyond Door 2. She then killed Junpei while Lotus and Ace were off looking at something (I never did find what). So now I'm playing through again.

I'm finding things a lot better this time. Mainly because I can skip that big conversation period between the time when Junpei meets the other characters and when they start going through doors. That's the biggest part where I wanted to throw down the game and scream LET ME PLAY! during the first time through.

I find the story really interesting. Nine (mostly) strangers getting trapped together on a replica of the Titanic and forced to play a game where they have to work together but at the same time they know not everyone will be able to escape before the ship sinks. It reminds me of a manga called 'Doubt' where Internet friends decided to meet and end up trapped in a building with bar codes that they need to use to escape before they all die.

I'm going to keep playing until I get the good ending. I want to find out who Zero is since I'm pretty sure it's going to turn out that Zero is one of the characters who is playing the game with Junpei (I'm going to guess not Snake or Clover based on the one ending I already got).