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Rekall ([personal profile] rekall) wrote2012-02-06 12:44 am

D.N. Angel

When I started re-reading D.N. Angel I was under the impression that the series had ended. Apparently only Part 1 is finished and Part 2 hasn't even started yet.


I think my biggest surprised from the series is how much I ended up liking Risa. For most of the series, I could not understand what Dark saw in her. She was no where near as interesting as Riku and there was little to her character beyond being in love with Dark. But somewhere along the way she started doing more instead of blindly being in love with Dark. Her interaction with Argentine and her actions when she and Daisuke got stuck inside the mirror kind of made me like her more than Riku. I hope she gets more development in Part 2.

I have no idea where the story is headed but I hope it doesn't end with Dark disappearing. If you stop and think about it, his life sucks. I mean he can't exist until his latest host turns 14 and that host has to be male so if only female Niwas are born in that generation he has to wait until the next one (I question why Krad can have female hots but not Dark). And then he can only exist until his current host falls in love and has that love returned. The way things are going, Dark isn't going to even be around a year until he's gone again, waiting for Riku pops out some kids (and even then it has to be boys). Hopefully there's a way for both Dark and Daisuke to co-exist.