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Not Prime Time Letter

Dear Author: Thank you for writing a fic for me. Don't worry about what we matched on because I love all the fandoms and characters I requested. I like fics of any ratings so don't worry about that either.

You can use the optional details as a guide or you can break away from them. I'm really not picky.

Marvel Comics - Bobbi Morse and Natasha Romanova
I love them both as a couple and as friendship so either one is fine. Certain canon events that stand out in my mind is when Natasha kissed Bobbi and most recently during Secret Avengers when Natasha called Bobbi 'darling'.

Marvel 616 - Carol Danvers
I love Carol so anything with her is good. I've really been loving her current solo as I'm a sucker for space adventures. I'm also good though if you want to base things off her previous solo.

The only thing I really ask if you keep things set during her Captain Marvel period and not Ms Marvel. It's just weird for me to think of her as Ms Marvel since she was already Captain Marvel when I began reading comics.

X-Men - Illyana Rasputin and Kitty Pryde
I find them to be adorably cute together. Like when Illyana went to hug Kitty who accidentally phased on her or Illyana's recent reaction when she returned to their base and found Kitty gone.

Captain America - Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff
My OTP. I would love to see some sort of backstory develop between them in the MCU. It can be similar to their comic backstory or something entirely different (like with the second prompt). If you have an idea you want to run with, go ahead. I basically just want them falling in love and being ripped apart.

Thor - Sif
Sif was the first character that I really loved in the MCU. I want more of her backstory. It's implied in the first movie that Sif had quite a challenge to be the warrior she ends up as. I want to see her go through her struggles.

If you use Thor I'm totally okay with them just being friends or having some sort of romantic relationship.