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Beyond Panels Letter

Dear Author:

Thank you for writing a fic for me. I'm sure I'll enjoy whatever we matched on. I love all the fandoms and characters that I've requested. I'm good on any type of rating. Slash, femslash, het and gent is all fine with me. One thing I do require though is a happy ending.

If my prompts get jossed in the upcoming weeks, don't worry about it. Just work with things the best you can.

Here are some other Likes/Dislikes:

- happy endings
- fluff
- romance
- drama
- humour
- action/adventure

- underage sex
- a/b/o
- cheating
- sad endings
- issuefic


1. Guardians of the Galaxy - Gamora, Angela

Either femslash or gen is fine. I just really love Gamora and Angela interacting together. It could be a mission that they're on alone together or maybe they just want to have some down time together (like Gamora showing Angela things of the galaxy).

I'm also okay if you just want to do something romantic or smutty between them.


2. Thor - Thor

There's two things I would like to see. One is Thor being a badass and taking on some villains who under estimate her.

The other is Thor meeting some of the other superheros (doesn't matter who) and having them react to her. Do they immediately accept her because Thor Odinson did? Or do they want to see how she handles herself in action first?

I don't ship Thor with anyone so I'm mainly looking for a gen fic. I would however be fine with Thor/Thor Odinson.


3. The Wolverines - Daken, X-23

I love the whole family thing between Daken and Laura. Laura is one of the few people who Daken actually likes and Laura feels attached to Daken too now since he's the only family she has left.

I just want something gen between them. It could be something before the arm and eye thing where Laura is trying to talk to him about losing his healing factor or it could be from afterwards where Daken has to learn how to adjust or it could even be about what's going through Laura's head as she wondering if Daken is going to live or not.


4. Black Widow - Natasha, Bucky

I loved the issue from the current comic where Bucky and Natasha were reunited. Some of Natasha's cryptic words make me thing that she really does remember Bucky but for whatever reason has chosen to keep it to herself.

I'd like to see something where they meet up again. Maybe Natasha is on a mission and comes across Bucky who needs rescuing. I'd be fine with Natasha just rescuing Bucky but it would be great if she admitted she knows their past and they end up back together. Or a fic without the mission would be great too where Natasha ends up confronting Bucky, they work out their issues and they get back together.

Gen is fine too.


5. Uncanny Avengers - Rogue, Scarlet Witch

You don't need to use both characters if you don't want too. If you do want to use both I'd like to see a fic where they're working together on a mission or a fic that deals with their relationship (femslash or gen is fine).

If you only want to use Wanda, a fic that deals with the fallout of AXIS would be great with either Wanda angsting over going evil due to the inversion or something that looks at her feelings about Magneto not being her father.

For only Rogue, I'd like to see something that deals with the Wonder Man situation or something where she feels torn between her loyalties to the X-Men and Avengers.


6. Angela: Asgard's Assassin - Angela

I would really love something where Angela gets to know Thor or Loki. It could be spending time with them or fighting them. Maybe teaming up for a mission of some sort.

Another idea is Angela spending time with Sera. I want to know more about their relationship. I don't ship them so I'd just want gen (unless they become canon between now and the due date).

Or in general Angela simply beating up people is good.