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Retro Re-read

I finished Saiyuki Reload Blast. Unfortunately it doesn't appear that there are any scanlations after 2010 even though the series is still unfinished and (AFAIK) not licensed. I don't know if the series is on hiatus or what. I figure I'll look for raws at some point but I simply hadn't had the time yet.

Saiyuki Reload was enjoyable but a lot of it felt like filler. It didn't seem like they advanced very far in their journey west. With Reload Blast it looked like things were getting back to the main storyline but then the scans cut off just when things were getting real interesting.

Re-reading Saiyuki however made me decide to re-read other series. I'm calling the process 'Retro Re-read', even though 'retro' is probably going to be the wrong word since these series aren't that old but I figure if a TV channel called Teletoon Retro can air King of the Hill (which I didn't even know had ended until a month ago), I can use the word here.

Right now I'm reading D.N. Angel. I watched the anime ages ago and read some of the manga at the time but I really can't remember much.
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Blast is indeed on hiatus. Minekura has been seriously ill and because of her surgery, unable to draw as much as she used to. [personal profile] snarp has translated some of her blog posts on the subject here.

But the good news is, Blast is supposed to return on March 28th!
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I've been (thinking of) re-reading D.N. Angel myself! I think I'd understand it a lot better now than I did when I was twelve. Unfortunately, the Tokyopop translations are not the greatest and the Japanese version is full of words I don't know, so I started and then stopped and am now thinking about starting again.

I know nothing about Saiyuki other than it's a Journey to the West retelling, so I am completely unqualified to say anything about that.