Sep. 9th, 2016

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Dear Author, thank you in advance for writing me a story. I love all the fandoms and characters I've selected, I'm not the type to request something unless I really, really want it.

My AO3 account is Rekall and my Tumblr account is here but I mainly just reblog pretty gifs.

I've given multiple prompts for each fandom, just pick whichever one you like the best, I have no preference and if you want to ignore it all and just write porn or the two characters cuddling on a couch together that's fine too. I like fics of all ratings so it's up to you if you want to write porny smut, something fluffy and cute or anything in between. Third person, first person, past tense, present tense, it's all good to me. Just write whatever your strengths are.

- happy endings
- fics taking place around the holidays (doesn't have to be Christmas)
- banter
- cuddling
- kissing
- neck touching
- slice-of-life
- hurt/comfort
- romantic gestures
- amnesia
- humour
- redemption
- AUs
- bittersweet endings
- fluff
- angst

Do Not Wants:
- underage sex
- non-con/rape
- a/b/o
- cheating
- sad endings
- reader insert, character/reader fics
- humlitiation
- issue fics
- amputation
- character deaths
- drugs
- cancer/terminal illnesses
- High School/College AUs

- neck touching/kissing
- post-coital cuddling
- coming untouched
- body worship
- taking things slow
- begging
- teasing
- bondage
- blindfolds
- frottage
- shower sex (or sex involving any type of water)
- mirror sex
- oral
- rimming

The Fandoms

Halt and Catch Fire - Joe MacMillan, Ryan Ray

I 100% think Joe was lying when he told Gordon he never had feelings for Ryan because his actions say otherwise. He uses the excuse that Ryan is his friend for why he won't throw Ryan under the bus to save the deal, which Gordon challenges Joe as he thought they were friends too. And I think the feeling is mutual from Ryan. I think things would have ended differently if Joe had agreed they could work together again in the future. To me they seemed like two characters who had feelings for each other but it was never the right time to act upon those feelings.

I'd like a fix-it fic for S3 EP8. I don't want to go into too much specifics details to avoid accidentally spoiling things for someone who isn't that far yet but for anyone has seen it should know what I mean. I'd also be okay with a fic of Joe dealing with his feelings and thoughts over what happened (I know this option goes against some likes and DNW and that's okay).

If you don't want to write that, another thing I wouldn't mind receiving is Joe realizing he has feelings for Ryan but being reluctant to do anything about it since his past relationships have ended so badly. Another idea I have is Ryan starts getting jealous when he arrives to Joe's apartment for work and keeps finding men and women who have spent the night. A crack idea I have is Joe gets a cat who hates everyone but Joe and Ryan is the unlucky bastard who gets to take care of the cat while Joe is away on business.


Berlin Station - Daniel Miller, Hector DeJean

These are two characters that really appeal to me. They worked together in the past, they spend time together outside of work, they both lost people they were using within the first two episodes, Daniel was the one Hector turned too when he wanted to blow of some steam.

There's only two episodes out as I write this but I get the impression that Daniel doesn't entirely trust Hector. I'm okay with something that takes place in their past before Berlin or in present day. It could be a mission fic, bonding together over the job, working out frustrations together, being emotionally dependant on each other or just handing out together on the party boat.

As an alternative to a ship fic, I'm also perfectly okay with a fic that just focused on Daniel. It could be about him bonding with his new cat or spending time with his cousin and her son. Something that shows Daniel being a normal guy instead of a spy because my favourite scenes are the ones with his cat, his family and with Hector on the roof at the end of Episode 2. If you go with this option you don't have to include Hector.


North and South - John Thornton

I love Thornton and Margaret together but I'd like a fic that largely focuses on Thornton. I find Thornton interesting because he has a certain image he has to maintain and I find he tries really hard to hide his real self, but at the same time he's also not afraid to be different from the other mill owners. I find though it's really not until the end of the series when he's able to be himself (at least around Margaret).

Possibly something that deals with Thornton's past before the events of the miniseries. It could be something that deals with the death of his father, the early days of the mill, or dealing with his mother and sister during that period of his life. Maybe he had another love before Margaret and it ended badly (can be male or female).

A story that takes place post-series is also find as long as Thornton and Margaret are together, but that doesn't necessarily mean Margaret has to be in the fic. Maybe Margaret is away and Thornton is missing her or the fic can be about him dealing with some mill workers. Or there could an accident leaves Thornton with no memory of Margaret and he struggles to remember who she is.


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