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Dear Author, thank you in advance for writing me a story. I love all the fandoms and characters I've selected so don't stress out if it seems I prefer one thing over the other. I'm not the type to request something unless I really, really want it.

If you want to snoop around go ahead. You won't find much on my DW or my LJ these days, but my Tumblr is here, my Twitter is here and AO3 account is here. Most of my fandoms are too large for YT so don't worry if you go looking and find little on what we matched on.

I've given multiple prompts for each fandom, just pick whichever one you like the best. I have no preference, the prompts were just written in the order they came to my head. I realize some of these prompts might be similar to fics that already exists, it's not because I didn't like those fics but because I loved them, I'm greedy and I want more. Please feel free to alter or combine prompts. Or if you want, just ignore them and build a fic based off my likes and/or kink.

I'd love a fic in any of the fandoms. I like both gen and ship fics. I also like fics of all ratings. Third person, first person, past tense, present tense, it's all good to me. Just write whatever your strengths are.

General Likes:
- happy endings
- cuddling
- kissing
- action/adventure
- drama
- angst
- fluff
- hurt/comfort
- amnesia
- friendship
- established relationships

General Dislikes:
- underage sex
- non-con/rape
- a/b/o
- cheating
- sad endings
- reader insert, character/reader fics
- issue fics
- amputation
- character deaths
- drugs
- cancer/terminal illnesses

- neck touching/kissing
- post-coital cuddling
- biting (no blood)
- begging
- teasing
- bondage
- blindfolds
- frottage
- shower sex (or sex involving any type of water)
- mirror sex
- oral
- rimming (m/m only)
- barebacking
- riding
- vibrators

The Fandoms:

Halt and Catch Fire - Joe MacMillan

1. Something that dealt with Joe's childhood would be great. His screwed up mother, his long recovery in the hospital, the homophobia he faced at school, any of it would be interesting to read about.

2. I would love to see something about the time that Joe and Simon spent together in Europe. We know so little about that period but at the same time Simon has been compared to both Sara and Cameron by the showrunners in terms of how much he meant to Joe. I just want to know what happened between them.

3. Something post-Season 2 that is about Joe dealing with Gordon's "betrayal" to go work at Mutiny and his decision to go to California to start his own company. I want to see Joe rise from the low point of Sara dumping him to running his own multi-million dollar company. (Please no Joe/Gordon)

Thoughts: In terms of relationships I'm fine with Joe being with Simon, Sara and Cameron. Although if the story takes place post-S2 I really can't see Joe getting back together with Cameron anytime soon since he blames her for trying to ruin his life and for destroying his relationship with Sara.

Another thing is I'm not entirely sure that Joe is able to be completely happy. He certainly has moments of happiness and being content but it never lasts. So that's something you might want to keep in mind. Younger!Joe might have more freedom for happiness so do what feels right if you're going with those prompt options.

I think my favourite scene was the one from S2 where Joe and Cameron are at the hospital and Joe tells her about what happened to him at at school. I also really liked the good-bye scene between him and Simon in S1. The reason why I liked these scenes is because they showed how vulnerable Joe can be. Yeah, he's a dick and can do some pretty evil things at times but there is a goodness to him.

I also really enjoy Joe when he's being a psycho. Burning the computers at the end of S1, the end of S2 where he uses the virus just to show his anti-virus works. I definitely think that Joe's company unleashes viruses online just to provide the way to fix it.

- - -

Strike Back - John Porter

(I don't ship Porter with anyone so I'm just looking for gen.)

1. Porter was not in a good place before the time skip. I want to see his fall, how he ended up that way. Losing his family, not being able to find work, drinking problems, etc. I want to see him be a wreck and then there's this light of hope at the end as he watches the report of Katie's kidnapping on TV.

2. Mission fic. Something happens and Porter needs to be sent in undercover to deal with it. Use whatever situation you want. It is always fun when he gets captured though but just don't hurt him too badly.

3. This might sound bad but sometimes when looking at pics of Porter I can't tell if it's him or Lucas North from Spooks. It created ideas in my head of John and Lucas being twins. Maybe they had a falling out when they were younger and no longer get along but something happens to reunite them. Or maybe there was no falling out but their lives simply went different ways until a random encounter. Obviously ignore this prompt if you've never seen Spooks and if you have feel free to ignore S9. (Also, no incest)

Thoughts: I really love it when a character has to build themselves back up after reaching their lowest point. That's why I like Porter so much. He was at the top of his game and then one wrong thing made everything crash down around him. I want to see his angst.

But I also like seeing him afterwards when he was able to put his life back together. That's why I'm also interested in mission fics because it's Porter doing what he does best. He goes into a situation by himself and takes care of things. If you go the mission fic route, Porter should be successful. Things going wrong is okay but Porter shouldn't reach the level of angst that he was at after the beginning of the prologue in the first episode.

Prompt 3 is just a crazy idea. Definitely feel free to ignore it but by all means tackle that challenge if you're up for it. I know Richard Armitage has said the two wouldn't get along. You can play off that idea or not. I just would like to see Lucas and John interacting.

- - -

Black Sails - Captain Flint, Thomas Hamilton, Eleanor Guthrie, Charles Vane

(You do not have to use everyone. I want Flint/Hamilton or Eleanor/Vane.)

1. Some pre-canon James/Thomas. Like maybe their first time together or when James realizes that he has feelings for Thomas.

2. Something like Vane returns to Nassau after a trip at sea. He goes visits Eleanor who at first is angry with him for whatever reason but she soon realizes that Vane has been hiding an injury that he didn't want anyone to know about because it would make him appear weak. Eleanor ends up nursing him back to health. (The prompt I've chosen for them is pre-canon but if you want to change things and make it take place at some point during the canon go ahead).

3. A fic where while raiding a ship, Flint finds Thomas as a passenger. As thoughts cross Flint's mind of them running away together he discovers one huge problem, Thomas doesn't remember him and has only heard stories of the notorious pirate (whether it's real or he's faking it is up to you).

Thoughts: I'll start with Flint and Thomas. Flint from the first episode was my favourite character. I knew right away he wasn't a normal pirate, he was smarter than the other pirates and he had a goal that was more than just getting rich. Finding out that goal involved wanting to do everything for Thomas' memories just hit me with a lot of feelings. Flint really had to love Thomas since he's still not over Thomas's death even thought it's been years. I'm honestly not sure if Flint will ever be able to move on from Thomas even though I would like to see him get a new boyfriend in S3.

As for Thomas, I loved how confident and sure of himself he was. He seemed so comfortable with his feelings for Flint while Flint seemed so unsure unsure at the beginning of their relationship. Thomas wasn't worried they would get caught while Flint was.

As for Vane and Eleanor. I'll admit I was unsure of this pairing in S1. They spent most of the season fighting and I don't blame Eleanor at all for being pissed with Vane. But then S2 happened. Especially that part where Vane kills Ned Lowe after threatening Eleanor. I loved that part and I looked at the pairing in a new light. They are a screwed up couple but I'm still rooting for them because despite everything that has happened between them I really do think they still love each other. Their hate and love run so deep that it's impossible for it to just go away.

- - -

Killjoys - Dutch

1. A Dutch/Delle Seyah fic. They're my favourite pairing from the show even if it is complicated due to Dutch's hatred of Delle Seyah. Maybe they get trapped somewhere and have to work together. Or Delle Seyah blackmails Dutch into working for her again. They get trapped in some sort of fuck or die situation is also good.

2. I'd like to see something that details with Dutch's past. What it was like for her growing up, training to be a killer, her eventual escape and becoming a Killjoy. Her being sent on a mission is also good.

3. The story of how Dutch and John met. We know that John was a ship thief and that Dutch pulled her gun on him, but what else? What made these two from that incident team up and become best friends? I'm also okay with a fic where they're just hanging out being friends. (no Dutch/Johnny)

Thoughts: I don't ship Dutch/Johnny at all. I like their relationship as brother/sister so if you decide to write about them please keep things platonic. I just really love their canon relationship. It warms my heart every time Johnny refers to Dutch as his sister. I really liked the scene between them where they're lying on the bed together and Johnny is reading her a comic. I also liked the fact that John knows all about Dutch's past with Khlyen. When I first watched the show I was so worried she was keeping that from him but nope it was eventually revealed he already knew and it made me so happy.

The pairing I do ship is Dutch/Delle Seyah. I'm completely fine with dub-con salutations between them. I am also okay with Dutch eventually realizing she has feelings for Delle Seyah (and hating herself for it because I don't think Dutch would accept those feelings easily). What I don't want is non-con/rape.

I'm also interested in reading more about Dutch's past. Basically anything. Dutch is my favourite character and I just want more everything with her because I don't want to wait until next year when the show returns.

- - -

North and South - John Thornton, Margaret Hale

1. Something pre-canon that involves Thornton. It could be about his father's suicide or afterwards as he starts the mill. Margaret obviously is not required if you decide to go with this prompt.

2. Anything from Thornton's POV that takes place within the canon's timeline. It could be his thoughts about the strike, Margaret getting hurt, seeing Margaret at night with whom he thinks is her secret lover, his thoughts upon seeing her at the train station at the end, something involving his mother or his sister, etc. I really don't care what moment it is, I just want to read about what's going on inside his head. Margaret is also not required for this prompt.

3. Post-Canon fic. It could be about Margaret and John's return together to Milton and the reaction people have to seeing them together again. It could be about their wedding or restarting the mill, kidfic, I'm really not picky.

Thoughts: I really loved Thornton but I felt like there wasn't enough of him since the story is told largely from Margaret's POV. My favourite scenes were the "Look back at me" scene when Margaret is leaving Milton and the train station scene from the end.

I also really liked Margaret so unless you go with the pre-canon option (or don't think she would work with prompt #2) I would like to see her included somehow. Please however don't feel like you need to shy away from the pre-canon option though due to the lack of Margaret because I really would like reading more about Thornton's past and he is my favourite character.

The reason why I like Thornton is because while he can be serious and at times there's a coldness about him there is also kindness and intelligence. I feel there's only a few people he shows his truth self too. His mother being one of those people (I really loved it whenever we saw him and his mother interacting together) and the other, Margaret.

I'm also a sucker for post-canon fics between the two. Something sugary and sweet. I know they had their issues getting together but I feel the worst is behind them. They just seemed so much in love at the train station I feel they could take on the world as long as they have each other.

- - -

Gotham - Barbara Kean, Tabitha Galavan

1. I would love something of them working together in a crime. Maybe they're taking turns torturing someone (like that little bit we saw with the mayor). Or them committing a crime together, like Barbara is the distraction while Tabitha assassinates someone.

2. An AU. They can be good or evil, but I'd prefer not a high school AU since I'd like them to be their proper ages. Maybe Barbara is a businesswoman who gets kidnapped an Tabitha either is hired to rescue her or she's the kidnapper and they end up falling for each other anyway. Or they're thieves trying to steal something. Don't feel like you need to restrict yourself to modern settings. Fantasy, space opera, vampires, pirates, film noir, angels/demons, it's all good. You have the freedom to be creative.

3. A hurt/comfort fic where one of them gets injured and the other has to take care of her (it doesn't matter who get hurts and who does the comforting).

Thoughts: I fell for these two even before I knew they were going to be canon.

With Barbara, she went from being my least favourite character on the show to one of my favourites. I really loved it in S1 when she went crazy and evil and I was really happy when S2 started and saw we were going to get more of it. I was just really bored by her before and now I get the impression that the actress is really having fun in the role which I find always makes a better character. She's crazy but she also knows how to manipulate people and I like that.

As for Tabitha, I've always really loved female assassins. Tabitha just seems like such a badass, plus she's really hot, I'm captivated whenever she shows up on the screen. I also like how Theo described her as strong but vulnerable. She seemed not happy/jealous when she saw Barbara flirting with her brother so I'm thinking she fell hard for Barbara or Theo has a habit of stealing her girlfriends.

Because Gotham is currently ongoing I don't know how things will turn out for them. If things go bad between them please just ignore it. I want a fic of them happy together.

I also want the focus to be on just them. No threesomes with Theo or Barbara/Theo. Theo can be in the fic (he's growing on me) but I just want Barbara/Tabitha in terms of romance.


Dec. 27th, 2011 07:09 pm
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I don't normally do recs for Yuletide. I read at a slow pace and I have a tendency to forget things easily so I would probably unintentionally forget a fic.

But I wanted to draw attention to two fics. They were the two fics I received this year and that's why they deserve special attention.

Under the Cut )
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Dear Yuletide Author,

Read more... )
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I hope everyone is having a good day.

I received an awesome Skip Beat fic for Yuletide. I'm thinking of doing a rec list in a few days once the load on AO3 has lowered a bit. There's not that many anime/manga fics this year though, so I'm not sure if there is a point in doing a rec list this year.

The list for fandoms this year is here if anyone wants to head over to see what's available.


Oct. 13th, 2010 04:04 pm
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Yuletide Nominations are open for those who are interested.

I'm excited since so many of my fandoms are small and don't get much activity for the majority of the year.
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(Note: this entry will remain at the top of my LJ until Dec 25th)

Dear Yuletide Writer,

Letter under the cut )
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I'm so glad we can edit our own fics this year for Yuletide. For one of the fics I wrote, I just realized now that I spelled the name for one of the characters wrong throughout the entire thing. *facepalm*

It was one of those situations where there was multiple ways to translate the spelling so I just used what Wikipedia said, which was also the way the recipient used during sign-ups so I thought I safe until I stumbled across a post where she says the other way is official. I checked Wiki and sure enough it's been changed within the two days.

The fic is fixed now (and it was really easy to fix too thanks to Word's replace function) but I had a mini-heart attack at the time.

I'm really looking forward to the reveal this year though. Unlike other years, you can see what fandoms have been written for, so I'm already excited to read a bunch of new fics.

Cut in case someone doesn't want to know until the reveal )

I think I'm done this year for writing. I really doubt if I'll have the time or energy to write more once all the prompts go up on the last day.

I ended up writing two fics for my recipient and one pinch hit. The pinch hit wasn't even in a fandom I signed up for, or one that I've thought about in almost a year but I had a moment of "It's all coming back to me" when I saw it on the pinch hit list so I nabbed it.
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With two days left before the deadline I decide I don't like the Yuletide fic I was writing. I just couldn't bring it together the way I originally visioned. So now I'm writing a whole new fic, which is a lot better, but is probably only going to barely make the minimum word count.

I just wish I had decided sooner to scrap the original fic since it's been bugging me for at least the past two weeks but I was stubborn.

- - -

I don't really have much to say about the latest xxxHolic chapter. After waiting a month, this chapter was a pretty big disappointment. I know the last few pages was meant to give an ZOMG! WHAT! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL NEXT TIME! reaction but I just couldn't care. I want Himawari back. She's a major character yet everyone but her has been seen since the time skip.

I liked the rabbit though. He reminded me of characters you'd find in Kobato. I looked at the Chinese scans for that and am glad there's more Otherworld stuff in this month's chapter but can't really comment on anything else since there's been no translation.

Some things

Dec. 6th, 2009 04:32 pm
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~ Thank you [ profile] winterfeelings for the gift. xD

~ I want new chapters for Kobato and xxxHolic. It seems like it's been ages since those two series have been updated. Kobato is suppose to be out soon but it's still weeks away from xxxHolic. I think CLAMP just likes tormenting their fans.

~ In WoW, I'm trying to find those stupid hidden books in Dalaran because I want the pet that you get from it. I know the spawning locations but I always find fake books instead of the real ones so then I have to wait another 3-4 hrs for it to re-spawn. There have been so many times where I'd find a fake book, log out, log back in 3 hours later only to find another fake book.

~ Speaking of WoW, some idiot randomly tried insulting me the other week because I play a male Belf, who was riding on a Dragonhawk at the time. They used the old, lame "you're gay" insult, which normally I really hate since 'gay' shouldn't be used as an insult but I couldn't help but laugh a little as I clicked on 'ignore'. Is it really that much of a shock that a female likes to play as a male belf? They're the only pretty male race in the game and they have bishie hair. I'm in the all female guild on my server so he would have known.

~ I just realized the other day that I have a final cake decorating class in the morning of Christmas Eve. I am not very impressed (there's way too many things to get done on that date) but it is my own fault for not checking the dates when that class would be running. At least my instructor says I can do whatever I want for my final cake so I'm going with a Christmas theme. I picture penguins and polar bears being involved but I probably don't have the skill for that yet. Next year!

~ It's been a good week for being a Dolls and Vassalord fan. Scanlated chapters for both and the raw for the latest Vassalord chapter. Which is impressive since some most months there is nothing for either series (although there has been a lot of Dolls scanlations lately due to Entropy being awesome but that's suppose to die off again once we hit the new year).

~ I've been re-reading Pandora Hearts lately. I completely forgot that Oz (and Gil at the start of the story) wasn't as young as I thought he was. He looks like a kid instead of a teen. His age was one of the reasons why I never liked shipping Oz and Gil together but turns out his age is less of an issue than what I thought. I still don't ship them though for other reasons.

~ As for Yuletide, I figure that I'm about half-way through writing my story. I want to finish it soon but not rush it.
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The following post is for my Yuletide author to help you know more about the type of fics I like. This post will remain at the top of my LJ until Dec 25th to make it easy access.

Dear Yuletide Author, )
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Sorry for not being around lately. Things have been crazy lately. And I still don't have all my Christmas shopping done. >_<


My Yuletide fic was finally submitted with slightly less than 8 hrs left. And this was going to be the year I finished before December! Yeah, that certainly didn't happen.

I'll probably write another Yuletide fic tonight when the list of people who don't have stories yet goes out. I hope I see something interesting. I thought I saw something the other day that came across the Pitch Hit list. It was Junjou Romantica with any pairing listed but then in the details section they said that they preferred Usagi/Misaki and I dunno. Right now I'm really off of that pairing since there has been so much of them lately in the series and their fanbrats have been bugging me.


And now for something truly horrifying. Keanu Reeves wants to play Spike in a live-action version of Cowboy Bebop.
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I saw a 'Team Jacob' t-shirt at the mall today and then immediately hated myself for understanding what it meant.

Pure genius whoever came up with that t-shirt since it only shows support for a pedophile who sexually assaulted the woman he loved (at least until her daughter was born, man those day old babies are so hot and sexy!).

*sigh* I need to finish my [ profile] yuletide fic now that it's December. I figure I have about 1/3 completed but want to get it done early because with my luck my internet would die right before it's due.


Nov. 2nd, 2008 01:36 am
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At the last minute I signed up for NaNoWriMo this year even though I barely got through a week last year.


I'm already falling behind. hehe. Guess I'll be doing double the work tomorrow.

Instead of doing NaNo today I went through the big-ass Yuletide list, pulling out fandoms that I wouldn't mind writing for this year. I just do the anime/manga fandoms since they get less love than a lot of the other fandoms. I'm being extra careful this year since last year I missed some fandoms that I wouldn't have mind doing. It's just easier to get everything sorted now so that when the sign-ups open I don't have to spend time trying to decide what I want to write/receive.
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Lately I've been reading Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro. It's about a girl (Yako) who after her father is murdered she meets a mystery/puzzle eating demon (Neuro). After solving the mystery of her father's murder, Neuro forces her to become a private detective where he works as her "assistant" so he'd have more mysteries/puzzles to feed on.

I should probably hate Neuro for the way he treats his slave Yako (always abusing her for the sake of comedy) but I can't since he treats male characters the same way. Plus he does care for her, I just wish we saw more of him caring about her.

Yako herself is pretty awesome. She's such a fun character. I want to hug her and give her huge amounts of food.


Unrelated: I really wish [ profile] yuletide would start up. Last year it started by now and even on the schedule it says that the fandom nominations are suppose to happen during the 3rd/4th week of September but we're already onto the fourth week. :\


Dec. 25th, 2007 03:50 am
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If anyone is going to be bored over the next few days and want some new fanfics to read, I suggest checking out Yuletide since over 2000 fics were just posted in so many different fandoms (seriously everything gets covered; manga, anime, books, TV shows, movies, RPF, etc). A quick link to all the fandoms is here, so just look through it until you find a fandom you want.

I ended up with three fics! XD

1 in Clover and 2 in Yellow! XDDDDDD

So awesome!

But I have no time to read them right now! *sob* I'm just way too overwhelmed.
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If anyone is visiting my LJ because they want to write me a Stocking Stuffer fic for Yuletide, my 'Dear Author' letter is here.

It was my first year and I didn't know how much info to put down in the sign up.


Dec. 20th, 2007 01:18 pm
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My inbox was bombarded with Pitch Hit requests for Yuletide this morning.

And I didn't sign up to do any!

Because I already signed up for one yesterday. FAIL

I'm having fun with it but man it's tough trying to get it done before the deadline on the 22nd.
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Note: Unless you're my Yuletide author you can ignore this entry.

Dear Yuletide Author )
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