Aug. 24th, 2014

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Dear Author,

Thank you in advance for writing me a fic.

I'm really easy to please. I like anything from G rated fics all the way up to NC-17. I love all the fandoms and pairings I selected so don't stress out about trying to figure out my OTP. I'm going to enjoy whatever you decide to write for me.

I like canon based fics as well as AUs. If you want to use any of the prompts under the Original Work section to write an AU fic, go ahead.

- happy endings
- action/adventure
- kissing
- women being badasses together
- drama
- fluff

- underage sex
- a/b/o
- cheating
- lies
- sad endings

The Fandoms

1. Marvel 616

I've fallen hard into comics over the past year. It's where my love of femslashing started from. There were just so many characters that I could ship together.

All of the women I selected are among my favourites so I'd be happy with any of the pairings.

Anegla/Gamora - I love how they're both snarky badasses. One thing that drew me to the pairing was that they started out trying to kill each other and then from there developed a deep friendship.

Natasha/Rogue - If you write them though please have it take place before the recent events of Uncanny Avengers where Rogue becomes untouchable again.

Kitty/Magik - I simply find them cute together and that's what I would like in a fic.

Bobbi/Natasha - The kiss from the Black Widow mini and Natasha calling Bobbi 'darling' in Secret Avengers really made my day. I can there being something between them.

Psylocke/Cluster - I always keep hoping Cluster will return. She was on the covers of that run of Uncanny X-Force right until the end of the series and she never had another appearance. It was so disappointing. Even now I hope that eventually a writer will continue their story.

Psylocke/Storm - I find them to be really close. I would love it if it was revealed they were together all along or a fic where they hooked up.

- - -

2. MCU

I love pairing the women together in the MCU. Even if they've never met in canon.

Gamora, Sif, Natasha, Peggy and Nova Prime are among my favourite characters in all of the MCU so I'd be happy with whatever pairing you decided to write.

Gamora/Sif - One thing that draws me to the pairing is that they're both warriors. I think they would get along really well for that reason.

Natasha/Sif - I think there would be a lot of mutual respect going on between them which would lead to something more. Sif would view Natasha as a warrior.

Peggy/Natasha - I find them to be really similar which is one of the reasons why I ship it. You have the freedom do what you want to make it work.

Nova Prime/OFC - I see them being an established relationship. The OFC should have her own career (doesn't matter what). I would prefer if she wasn't part of Nova Corps since I'm not a big fan of superiors being involved with their underlings.

- - -

3. X-Men (Movies)

From the first time I watched The Wolverine I got the impression that Mariko and Yukio loved each other. I knew it wouldn't happen but one point I really wanted them to start kissing.

I see Mariko relying on Yukio for her physical strength while Yukio needing Mariko for emotional support.

No fics where Yukio sees Mariko's death (unless it's about preventing her death and Mariko is alive at the end). I want something happy and cute between them.

- - -

4. Original Work

In all honesty, if it's an action/adventure story involving lesbians I'm going to love it. I don't favour one prompt over the other. I just like reading about women who are badasses and end up falling in love with each other.

Oh and for the prompts with pirates. The prompts were written with standard fantasy pirates in mind but I would be totally okay if you want to do something crazy and make them sky pirates who ride around on airships.


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