Dec. 27th, 2015

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Dear Chocolatier, thanks for taking the time for checking out my letter and for writing me a fic. I'm super easy to please and like fics of all ratings and genres so as long as you stay away from my DNW list, we're good. Also things like past tense, present tense, third person, and first person doesn't matter to me since I like it all.

My AO3 account is here and my Tumblr is here if you need them for whatever reason.

- happy endings
- cuddling and kissing
- neck touching
- hurt/comfort (physical and emotional)
- romance
- amnesia
- smut
- fluff
- slice-of-life
- bittersweet endings
- redemption
- angst

Do Not Wants:
- underage
- sad endings
- non-con/rape
- cheating
- high school/college AUs
- issue fics
- amputation
- character deaths
- drugs
- cancer/terminal illnesses
- permanent harm to characters

The Requests:

The Hobbit - All Media Types - Thorin Oakenshield/Thranduil

I'm pretty much okay with anything as long as it doesn't involve Thorin's death. I like all types of fics with them. It could be something from early on before Thranduil was refused the white gems but I'm also perfectly okay with fics that take place after BOTFA if it's an Everyone Lives/No One Dies AU. I'm also okay with modern AUs.

Thoughts: I just love these two together. Because I find that even though they have psychical differences (elf, tall, blond hair vs dwarf, short, dark hair), I find they've very similar. They both are alone and have this isolation to them that even the people closest to them can't always reach. I like to think that they'd be able to find a connection in each other that others wouldn't understand. I'd like something where they're just so much in love with each other.

- - -

Halt and Catch Fire - Joe MacMillan/Original Male Character, Joe MacMillan/Sara Wheeler, Simon Church/Joe MacMillan

Joe/Simon - I really liked Joe/Simon and really didn't think we saw enough of them. I'd like to see something about their time together in Europe. I think Joe really did love Simon a lot and it scared him (maybe it was his first serious relationship with a guy instead of one-night-stands). I just want something where they're happy together since we didn't get to see that in canon and only get the aftermath where it's years later and Simon is dying.

Joe/Sara - I'm interested in seeing more of Joe/Sara. Maybe something from their college days or how they reconnected between the two seasons. I'm also okay with something that takes place after S2 which brings them back together, like something happens that causes Sara to reach out to Joe. Because the way Joe was rubbing at his finger where his wedding ring use to be at the very end of S2 makes me thinks he still loves her but knowing Joe he won't do anything about it unless Sara makes the first move.

Joe/OMC - Joe needs more male love interests, it's one thing that's really missing from the show. What I'm thinking is after Sara and Cameron he's sworn off relationships but then this great guy comes into his life that Joe just can't ignore and get out of his head. While Joe doesn't want to, he ends up falling for the guy.

Thoughts: Joe's my favourite character in the series. I like both sides that we've seen from in the series, ruthless asshole and vulnerable teddy bear who just wants to do the right thing but constantly fails at it.

- - -

Robin Hood (BBC 2006) - Guy of Gisborne/Original Male Character, Guy of Gisborne/Marian of Knighton, Guy of Gisborne/Prince John

Guy/OMC - Guy needs someone to love. Marian chose Robin over him and both Prince John and the Sheriff are more interested in using him. I'd like Guy to meet a nice guy who confuses Guy over his feelings and makes Guy feel so loved it's both scary and the best feeling in the world.

Guy/Marian - I like fics where Marian doesn't die at the end of S2 and fics where there's a canon divergence and Guy chooses Marian over the Sheriff. Maybe Guy could get hurt somehow and Marian has to look after him, which forces Marian to acknowledge her feelings for Guy.

Guy/Prince John - I was so surprised to find that there's not more fic for them. It was clear to me that both the Sheriff and Guy thought Guy was going to be killed when sent to Prince John at the beginning of S3, but he didn't. Plus there's a scene later between Guy and John makes me think the reason why Guy survived was because John knew a pretty face when he saw one. So I'd like something where a confused Guy thinks he's going to die but John decides to fuck him instead (rating wise I'm okay with explicit, fade to black and even implied). It can be dub-con on Guy's part, especially if he's reluctant but John makes him feel so good.

Thoughts: I love Guy. I like how tormented he is at times over following the Sheriff or doing the right thing. Mostly he follows the Sheriff but I love it when he doesn't (like when he covers for Marian or decides to die with her instead when he could save himself).

- - -

Spooks | MI-5 - Lucas North/Original Male Character, Ros Myers & Lucas North, Oleg Darshavin/Lucas North

Lucas/Darshavin - I am 100% convinced these two had something physical going on between them while Lucas was imprisoned. It very much was likely dub-con on Lucas' part who probably would have craved affection from anyone at that point in time. Darshavin meanwhile I think really does love Lucas. I have two ideas I'd like to see. One is what exactly happened between them while Lucas was imprisoned or what happens afterwards when they meet up in S8. If afterwards, I see Darshavin trying to reconnect with Lucas because he still loves him while Lucas being less sure since he's now free but at the same time he finds himself missing Darshavin's touch.

Lucas & Ros - I'd like something with them bonding together. It could be during a mission where they find themselves cut off and on their own (maybe one of them gets hurt and the other has to take care of them) or just some downtime between them. Maybe it takes place shortly after Lucas' returns and Ros doesn't quite trust him yet so she's trying to determine if he's turned or not.

Lucas/OMC - Lucas needs someone to make him happy. His wife left humans remarried while he was in jail, his next girlfriend turned out to be a criminal and S9 never took place so no Maya. I just want him to meet a guy who loves him, is there for him when Lucas gets all banged up and bruised or when he has flashbacks to the torture he experienced in Russia. Maybe they go on nice dates together.

Thoughts: I love seeing Lucas suffer from the trauma he went through, that scene where he can't sleep because the bed is too soft was great, there wasn't enough of it in the show. But I also like it when he gets to be happy because he's suffered a lot.


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